Can you Build Muscle and Lose Weight?

Me and Tayo explain whether or not you can build muscle and lose weight at the same time. We killed the myth! You can build muscle while on a caloric deficit but only if you’re getting a substantia…
Video Rating: 4 / 5 Sleep Waves 5 (Hypnosis for Sleep)-Robert Gorick …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

28 thoughts on “Can you Build Muscle and Lose Weight?”

  1. To all the pple thinking this will get u big by doing ut once
    ure wrong. It has to be done daily so your subconcious will act on it. 

  2. It’s within yourself that you will find the strength to grow, physical and
    mental. If you have not found this for yourself then you haven’t looked
    deep enough. We can be anything we want to be

  3. To all the pple thinking this will get u big by doing ut once
    ure wrong. It has to be done daily so your subconcious will act on it. 

  4. thanks for replying, i’ve been trying it for a few days and actually do
    feel it working. how long does it usually take for someone to achieve full

  5. The power of visualization is a great one. Breaking mental boundaries to
    succeed with the physical ones.

  6. ive never been hypnotized before and im a little nervus because once your
    in a trance he can make you do anything

  7. a very good question – and may well receive a yes!…. but What we are
    talking about is conceptions, and how people feel. What is important to be
    strong or …. what … I don’t know … What does it mean to be strong…
    like … who … a bull … an elephant … a bulldozer , what ever it is
    it always relative, and will always be insignificant to the world and
    universe around us I think, that what we are talking about is learning to
    feel good in ourselves, and understand where we are at

  8. I’ve seen gains in my arms and calves ( I do weights and jog four days a
    week, for around three years consistently) started using robs hypnosis
    months ago and have improved ( working out is catabolic , sleeping is
    ANABOLIC) you only grow and repair tissue if you sleep right , I didn’t
    sleep right till I started robs hypnosis, do I’m seeing good gains ( it’s
    worked in that capacity, and worked well!)

  9. Is there ANY proof whatsoever (photo, video, or something tangible) that
    someone set a clear goal & achieved it, using this method? I’m seeing quite
    a few claims, but not a single piece of supporting evidence. I’m trying to
    remain optimistic, but I just don’t do too well going on blind faith alone
    (especially in regard to something that’s supposed to affect my body
    composition). A simple “yes” or “no” answer will suffice. Thanks.

  10. @boblkl Hypnosis doesn’t gain any more control than your
    subconscious/conscious allows it. People can definitely push boundaries and
    explore areas you may not feel entire comfortable with, and gradual
    hypnosis can make you feel more and more open to stuff, but it isn’t magic.

  11. At this point I’ve done a hundred of these hypnosis sessions AND ROBS ARE
    minutes into his sessions ( ill tell you why in my opinion, cause he plays
    his own music in the background and that’s the difference) he sounds
    relaxed as well, best on YouTube

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