Can you BUILD Muscle and BURN Fat at the Same Time!?! The TRUTH


25 thoughts on “Can you BUILD Muscle and BURN Fat at the Same Time!?! The TRUTH”

  1. This is not correct. Studies have been done where people gained a lot of
    muscle while losing a lot of fat at the same time. This is off course
    possible only by individuals with significant levels of fat. If you are
    already lean then you won’t be able to do this.

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  3. i want to lose fat and build muscle but i am afraid that if a bulk first i
    wont be able to lose the fat after

  4. hello Omar, I am a girl and i am wondering if you have any tips for loosing
    the muscle on my calf? Because it is looking ugly by being big… thanks in
    advanced !

  5. Indra Firmansyah

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  7. Figure out if you’re dairy and gluten intolerant. Most ethnic groups
    besides Caucasians can digest diary but the more pasteurized which means
    all enzyme activity is ceased(dead substance milk) you’re just going to get
    fat especially since lactose

  8. Sabin Bhandari

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  10. What about cleaning up your diet? I started this and in a few weeks I went
    up half in inch in arms lost half my fat on my stomach and lost 2 inchs in
    my waist 😀

  11. Darren Maybury

    Would you recommend bulking up if I’m almost at my weight loss goal? I’ve
    lost 25 pounds now and I’m starting to look better but I still have a good
    layer of fat on my stomach and around my chest, should I continue or start

  12. Momtaj Khatun

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  13. Put on 30 pounds of muscle do 45 min of cardio everyday ul burn fat and
    gain muscle

  14. nasrin khatun

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  15. dig all your vids omar…. i recently got out the hospital lost so much
    strength i was already weak to begin with but with your beginner tips and
    what not i feel like ill be where i want to be in no time.. your a good dude

  16. I like your videos. just wondering can i maintain muscle while trying to
    lose weight?

  17. Ph03nixReborn

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