Can I Build Muscle and do Cardio? Natural Bodybuilder

You can build muscle and do cardio in the same week or same day. Micro-tears in your muscle fibers will be built up regardless of doing running after or befo…
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25 thoughts on “Can I Build Muscle and do Cardio? Natural Bodybuilder”

  1. daniel winnall

    i like the your straight talking no bullshit approach. i tried a few things
    out, the things the bodybuilding sites say lead to “losing muscle” and “no
    gains” and most of it is bullshit i think. i have been on a calorie deficit
    and gone hours without eating and done long cardio sessions and i’m still
    making progress in size and my bench deadlift and squat are getting better
    every week! and i have lost fat while building muscle!

  2. naturalbbuildersedge

    absolutely, when you run outside you encounter a lot more hills this and
    that, but really the wind resistance on top of the terrain makes you work a
    lot harder burn more calories than a treadmill, but because of this it’s
    also a lot harder on your body. also running outside really allows you to
    open up your stride. im not even that big of a guy but i run so much faster
    outside because i can get a lot of distance in my stride. i highly
    reccomend it.

  3. A six mile run…. Bro, this is fact, you would be bigger if you cut down
    the cardio. Personal trainer for 6 years, amature body builder with my 3rd
    comp this summer and have a houners degree in sports exercise and fitness.
    If you had done less cardio, you would be bigger than you are at the
    moment. You will still be building muscle as long as you have a high enough
    cal intake, but you would be bigger with less cardio.

  4. good video man. i have a feeling this was directed at me. you always see my
    fat ass running on the rat wheel versus lifting weights.

  5. Totally agree. I have experienced the same thing. Slow run before breakfast
    or sprints after workout.

  6. thanks for this mate, ive always never been sure about cardio and i really
    want to start doing sprints for health, fitness and fun 😀

  7. i do prefer more lower volume weight training, but train as hard as
    possible 🙂

  8. naturalbbuildersedge

    thank you for the support! yea jogging outside is really the way to go.
    it’s such a better workout than a treadmill and atleast you get to go
    places than being stationary on a hampster wheel.

  9. I’ve also been meaning to get a gym membership this month, thinking about
    it. Mostly for running and more options to lift. I got my own olympic bench
    set, dumbbells and a mirror. Wanted to go on treadmills, but now that you
    mention it, it is a hamster wheel LMAO. Plus I could just buy more equipment

  10. Awesome. I have get back running/jogging half an hour outside twice a week.

  11. naturalbbuildersedge

    i really hate running, but i love it because it’s a great way to get in
    shape! thank you for the support

  12. Thanks dude I joined ta and was told id have cut down on weights and just
    do fitness cant have best both. Im going start doin my weights alot more
    after watchin this

  13. naturalbbuildersedge

    haha no way man, the hampster wheel is where it’s at. Run outside though,
    you’ll get ripped and faster vs treadmill!

  14. Young folks are indestructible, as for older folks, I suggest being a bit
    more conservative and play what is necessary for health and well being
    closer to the line on the side of preserving joints and muscle. The muscle
    will help keep the calorie burn up when you are idle (desk work). Man was
    designed to be active all day long walking, running in sprints (chase game
    or get away) jumping, bending, stooping, reaching, climbing and picking
    things up.

  15. naturalbbuildersedge

    wow really it does? do you think it releases as much test as squats do as

  16. really? i know that running outside will buld up my endurance more than
    running on a treadmill. why will it make me more “ripped”?

  17. people just think they lose muscle because they lose size, not thinking
    that it’s fat they’re losing. they obviously were more fat and muscular

  18. But how do you balance it out with calories? I weight train 3 days a week,
    and run 2 days week.

  19. soccerdrummer200

    Hey question im trying to build muscle. I go to the gym sometime in the
    afternoon for about an hour. Later that day i go for about a 2.5 mile run
    at 7:30 pm. Will these runs make me get less muscle?

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