Calorie Burning Wii Zumba or Just Dance Workout – Bodyweight Toning Workout

Do this video in between your favorite Wii Zumba or Just Dance songs in order to burn more calories & tone up. Thank you for watching! Help us spread the word about our free full length workout videos by sharing this on your favorite social networking site!
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20 thoughts on “Calorie Burning Wii Zumba or Just Dance Workout – Bodyweight Toning Workout”

  1. pinkpearline1

    thankyou for prompt response ! I track my calorie intake and carbs intake too. please suggest any of your video that works for back fat, I’m loosing it but still want any workout that targets particularly for upper back (bra buldge) and arm pits.

  2. I am doing it since 2 weeks. 6 times a week. I am 5’3 , 130lb. I dont see my scale moving , but I’m definitely getting into shape.I ve lost fat from tummy , back and thighs. I pair it with Fitness blender abs and obliques workout. Can i Know why dont I loose any weight ?

  3. FitnessBlender

    You cannot spot reduce fat, and anyone that tells you otherwise is trying to sell you something. You have to reduce overall body fat, which takes a combo of cardio, strength training & of course, healthy eating. I would recommend a mix of our toning workouts, our regular cardio & HIIT cardio workouts.

  4. i know how you feel 🙁 some of us r stuck with tht slight pooch the only benefit is tht its perfect for belly dancing lol!

  5. FitnessBlender

    If you are doing all of that working out & not seeing a scale change, your diet is most likely to blame. Make sure that you are eating healthy and not taking in too many calories. You are also only 2 weeks in, so you need to be patient. Congrats on toning up & losing fat!

  6. FitnessBlender

    Jumping jacks, marching in place, high knees, dancing around like a fool in your living room, it’s whatever works for you 🙂

  7. What if you dont have a game…what should you do….:S what do you mean cardio??

  8. how many times a week should i do this. im 5″2.5 and 130 lb im not over weight but a little jiggly. i want to improve my stamina so i can sing and dance at once without feeling tired

  9. FitnessBlender

    It’s both. And I am definitely not saying that this workout alone would be a comprehensive plan.

  10. FitnessBlender

    You can do this 3-5x/week but you will get better results if you do it in combo with our other workout videos. You can definitely lose belly fat with our cardio & strength training workout videos.

  11. i get late for my zumba class today , but this makeme suet ,..thanks for the video ;o)

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