Burn Fat and Build Muscle – Metabolic Fat Burn Workout

Burn Fat and Build Muscle with this Metabolic Fat Burn Workout Funk Roberts, Certified Metabolic Trainer, takes you through a 10 Exercise Fat Burning Workout…

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  2. Hi, Funk. I am a beginner to this game and I was wondering if I should do
    the 50sec-10sec or maybe a 30-10 schedule. I tried the 50-10 modified
    program yesterday and found that I was resting alot in between certain
    exercises (push-ups for example). I kept going, but found myself not doing
    that many. What are your thoughts? Thank you.

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  10. your the man funk! have you ever thought of making a playlist with our
    workouts categorized, like say for example, a playlist of fighter workouts,
    playlist of ab workouts, so on and so forth.

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  13. Mr Roberts thanks to your diet and fitness advice I am down from 106 kg to
    93 kg also starting to find a chest again !

  14. hey funk! love the vids! i do boxing 3-4 times a week, when is the best
    time to have my protein shake? like before or after training?

  15. miguel pantoja

    Hey man thanks so much for the tips and love the workouts .I’m a little
    confuse on sequence of the workouts do them all ten three times 50 secs
    each workout ?

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  17. Aaah yuss! Just what I needed. I only just started watching your videos a
    few days ago. Good job Roberts. Keep it up.

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