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  1. I have more fat than you do and I’m having shit luck gaining weight, so I
    eat even more to gain muscle, yet the fat is still there. According to what
    I know (and according to the Hodge twins and Chris Jones), that fat is from
    my genetics. So can I burn that fat off and gain muscle and weight from
    lean muscle even though my genetics love the fat on my belly? if so, how?

  2. no disrespect but what makes u know most of these things i mean u don’t
    really posses a body that would be a good example

  3. I mean, I don’t understand? you say you do it for fun, but just before
    complain saying you dont wanna take the other rout because you care what
    people think??
    Idk, Get big, Get strong, Do it for you. not the people. Than youll start
    having fun.

  4. This guy is skinny. Ok he has visible abs but he looks narrow across the
    shoulders and has a thin neck – in normal clothes i`m sure people DO say
    “does he even lift” needs to bulk by 60-80 lbs minimum.

  5. The most humble most helpful person in the YouTube fitness game. In my 10th
    year of training and never stop learning. Keep it up brother. 

  6. 1lb a month? WTF???? you would not have any fat when your done with a bulk
    like that, you tend to build 1lb of muscle a month on a 500 -1000 cal
    surplus a month. I’m not hating because it probably works for you but dude
    that is really slow…. It would take forever for some people to stack
    muscle at 1 lb off mass a month

  7. My question is : After I determine how much more protein and carbs I will
    increase, should I increase the fat grams as well or leave the amount of
    fat grams I was using to maintain? Im thinking, because if I increase the
    fat, that my body needs to maintain, then ill get fat.

  8. Here’s a question; How will I ever bulk up (lean bulk) while loosing fat at
    the same time? More Protein, less carbs? if so how much? Maybe I think,
    lean bulk is also part of loosing fat as well while gaining muscle yet not
    shredded up until bulk phase is finished then I can go on trying to get

  9. How do I figure out the amount of calories I need. I’m still in school and
    we don’t get the same food everyday and some days are different to others,
    active wise. I go to the gym everyday beside Friday and Monday. Sometimes I
    don’t go over the weekend.

  10. LIKE LIKE LIKE! Thought I was going to have to settle for getting fat first
    then cutting. These principles are applicable to the skinny-fat person too


    i’ve been avoiding these scary movie commercials all week and here i come
    to my favorite channel and what do i find? lol 

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