Building Muscle Mass How to build muscle mass? Build muscle mass! Visit Muscle Maximizer: Since building muscle mass requires a hypercal…

A new way to build a rocket stove or a rocket mass heater that eliminates almost all of the expensive materials, speeds construction, and offers infinite con…
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  18. Air Marksman

    Do you have to use clay? I live in Florida and want to build something like
    this for my Fiance. She hates the cold but loves to be out side I figured a
    nice bench set up like yours would be perfect. However everything here is
    sandy. Not much in the way of clay. What would you consider using in an
    area with little to no clay?

  19. Looks good, I just revisited this video and have another question. The very
    last picture shows a barrel with the shelf on it what is the shelf for?

  20. Don’t quote me on this as I’m super new to this cob building arena. I’ve
    read somewhere that you can rub a lemon juice cocktail on the outside of
    the adobe or cob to form a seal of sorts. Not sure how it works or if it’s
    accurate. Thought I’d throw that out there to maybe conceive and idea. 🙂

  21. SentOnFriday

    Great idea mate. Wont the barrels rust out really fast though? I mean the
    inside ones..

  22. clangerbasher

    That’s the answer I wanted thank you. The “shed” I want to heat measures
    internally 4ft by 12ft. But the only place I can build the stove/core is
    off one of the 12ft sides at an end. The pipes carrying the gases would
    have to make a 90 degree turn. If only had I known about this stuff before
    I built the shed.

  23. Thanks! The adaptability of the system to specific applications naturally
    creates compromise, so every configuration I’ve built has it’s downsides.
    In this case the big stove with windows isn’t very efficient, but it’s an
    excellent fire pit/cooker. The little stove isn’t much for sitting around,
    but cooks great on very little fuel. System wide downside would be
    durability, it’s probably only good for a few seasons before it will need
    rebuilding of the firebox, and it won’t take rain for long.

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  25. Yeah, you got it. I usually leave it cracked, but once it’s hot I can close
    it all the way and the sloppy seal allows enough air in to keep it going.
    If I were going to do a better finish I’d put around 2 sq in of inlet at
    the bottom of the door and maybe a small (1 sq in) secondary air inlet on
    top towards the riser. I would want to experiment with the secondary air
    though, so I’d make it closeable. Currently it roars along just fine as is.

  26. I think it would hold up fine as long as it was protected from the rain. It
    should be under a roof if possible. Using the mass for a greenhouse is
    exactly what I intend to do as well. Thanks for the comments.

  27. Not a dumb question at all. It’s cold where I live, and I love to cook out.
    This allows me to use the heat I don’t use cooking to provide a warm place
    to sit. The barrels allow a low mass design that responds quickly so I can
    warm up the seating area in a short amount of time. Not to mention it makes
    a great firepit, efficient, clean, and no smoke in your eyes. It wouldn’t
    make sense in a lot of places, but I’ve been loving it here in the cool

  28. I have my mass project going. Just need a final coat, sumptin purdei? I did
    something I have not seen done. I sit on bench & front load it. I made a
    “SPECIAL” insulating blend of mush. utilizing, cat litter, vermiculite,
    clay cow feed. My fire chamber sits directly over my 8” exhaust run to
    bench. Its works.. I’m Bad ASS. 😉 I also made a venture for start-ups &
    windy days!!

  29. So with this system, you didn’t use any ducting/stove pipe, just the half
    barrel to carry the hot gases along and under the benches? Did I notice
    that you put some rocks in under the half barrels as thermal mass? If yes,
    what % of the void did you fill with these rocks?

  30. Thank you, this is super helpful feedback. When I made the video I was
    excited about sharing the technique. I didn’t even think about the
    specifics of that particular system. I’ve since built quite a few systems
    using the technique, but all different layouts. Maybe I need to do a video
    specifically on the different layout options. In this one the bench is a
    dead end, and the gasses fill and heat it using masonry stove “bell”
    properties. Thanks again, I appreciate the feedback.

  31. I’ve built a small half barrel stove as a top loader as well. I packed and
    shaped the tunnel inside the barrel with clay/perlite to be a tight burn
    area and it made a world of difference in efficiency. The barrel system
    works great for that as it provides the structure and allows construction
    using just clay/perlite, as well as allowing a lot of freedom to experiment
    with tunnel/feed/firebox configurations. It’s really neat that way. Let’s
    see your window set up!

  32. Marcel Lenormand

    Quick question — is your air intake around the loading door in this
    batch-load setup?

  33. I wish you could have bee a little more clear on the path of air and heat.
    Sort of hard to tell how the flow of it worked and what was connected to
    what. Thanks for sharing and nice work I think.

  34. Thanks Steve. Yes, a good mix will harden up without cracking. I have been
    involved with a couple of indoor half barrel builds at this point, and
    there are no issues with leakage inside the dwelling. Additionally, once
    warm for the season the systems typically are trying to pull air in any
    gaps that may occur. As for outdoors, well, I keep looking outside at this
    system and it’s getting hammered by the rain. I expected it to be melted by
    this point, but actually it’s holding up well.

  35. I am going with a 55 gal. drum after all. This video, as I have the fire
    brich heat riser seals the deal for me.

  36. Rick, I don’t have anything to sell, just sharing the idea here. It should
    be fairly self explanatory, but I’m happy to elaborate if you have
    questions. I think you could build it in a garage safely, minus the cooking
    vent on top of the barrel. Mass barrels are seated in good cob, burn
    chamber barrel is seated in insulated perlite/cob mix. If it’s in an
    enclosed space be sure to tape the joints and seat the barrels well. I
    would raise the burn area off the floor a bit, maybe with firebricks.

  37. great video, I’ll watch it several times to take it all in. where do you
    get your barrels? I’d like to find some 30 gal barrels for the rocket stove
    I’m planning to put in my ranch style suburban home.

  38. cheekyfool2u

    Really great idea! As the designer and builder, what do you think are the
    negative points with your new idea? I really like that it is a batch
    burner, usually a negative with RMHs. Keep it up!

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