Building Muscle Mass on a Vegetarian or Vegan Diet

Can a vegetarian or a vegan put on muscle, size and strength or will they have a hard time reaching their goals without consuming certain products? This vide…
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25 thoughts on “Building Muscle Mass on a Vegetarian or Vegan Diet”

  1. I can tell you eat meat because of the bags under your eyes Matt. That is
    an adrenal problem due to animal foods in your diet.

  2. – Patrik Baboumian (VEGAN: Strongman Competitor)
    – Currently Holds the World Record for the “Yoke Walk” 555.2kg (1,224 LBS)

    – Santiago “BadAssFarmer” on youtube…go check him out. Not only is he
    Vegan…he’s a RAW VEGAN !!! …and he’s BIG.

    – Rob Bigwood (VEGAN: Pro Arm Wrestler) He’s not exactly small either.

    * If you’re a guy considering the “Vegan Life Style” (for Ethical, or
    Health Reasons…. what ever it may be), and you’re concerned about loosing
    Strength & Size….all your gains, check these guys out. PROTEIN MYTH
    BUSTED. your welcome.

    * Also Check Out: Avi R. Lehyani, Karl Ess, Joel Kirkilis, Robert Cheeke,
    Derek Tresize, Marcus Patrick, Ed Bauer, Joshua Knox…the list goes on.

    EVEN MIKE TYSON IS A VEGAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Im a vegan since 2012 and have not been healthier in my life, not even a
    tooth decayed ,and Im a drinker (trying to cut down on it)I don’t see why a
    vegan person can not find volume or definition physicly wise,strenght and
    size are in the genes though ,look at some vegan animals bulls for example.
    try it it is the ethical and moral thing to do let’s go ECOCENTRIC instead

  4. use Hemp seeds powder as protein source…very rich in protein and healthy
    fats like Omega-3. look it up , it a true SUPER FOOD.

  5. Hemp, Blue Green Algae & Aramanth are amazing protein Sources. Check out
    Plant Fusion Protein Powder. 

  6. Neermala Prazapati

    Hey there, have you seen Vixen Fat Loss? (look for it on google) You will
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  7. I went vegan for 8 months and gained 20 pounds of muscle. It is possible,
    but I honestly got tired of it. Very possible, but very hard to maintain.

  8. John Archer-Brown

    Im just a veggie for the simple fact that I just dont like meat lol… but
    its not an issue putting on mass without meat. Been meat free for 8 months
    and seen my best gains I that time. Only because when I eat meat I feel
    sluggish and bloated…. but can eat fruit and veg all day long. It would
    be harderwhithout the good old eggs though!

    ★★★★ good video

  9. Legumes are wonderful sources and eating a variety of foods guarantee
    you’ll get all the protein you need on a vegan diet. I suppose that’s one
    question every vegan gets tired of hearing is where they get their protein

  10. Rafael Boudoux

    Black Beans + Brown Rice + Soy + Broccoli, portion control, based on your
    height/weight/activity every 3 hours… is a good way to build muscle as a

  11. Being vegan does not make you deficient in nutrients. The animals you eat
    get their nutrients from plants, i dont see weak dying chickens, cows,
    gorrillas, rhinos ect. Veganism is the most nutrient packed diet on the
    planet. You shouldn’t speak on topics you clearly have no complete
    knowledge. Not bashing video just a suggestion and food for thought..

  12. jackson Foster

    Hi Matty,
    Thanks for your videos. I am an educator and athlete entirely powered by a
    vegan plant based diet. There are tons of example of athletes and even body
    builders that consume a strict vegan diet. Here are so to look up

    1) Mac Danzig
    2) Rich Roll
    3)Brendan Braizer
    4)Robert Cheeke 

  13. Farah Jennifer

    It would be a shame for you not to build muscle when these other people do
    it so easily using “Hexcul Ripped Max” (Google it).

  14. Carlos Martinez

    It would be a shame if you did not bulk up when these people do it so
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  15. 1) You can definitely without a doubt build muscle while staying on a
    strict vegan diet. 2) Soy is highly processed and enforces the production
    of estrogen, therefore men especially should stay away from soy.

  16. BULL SHITTT I’ve been a vegan for 2 yrs and I’ve had no problem not only
    maintaining muscle mass but gaining it. Since taking creatine for the last
    2 mos my mass has gone THROUGH THE ROOF!! This is utter bro science BULL
    SHIT stop spreading LIES!

  17. Frank Medrano and Karl Ess, check them out. There are plenty of protein
    powders, Brown rice, pea, soy, hemp and it’s REALLY EASY to get fats. Did
    you even look into this Matty?

  18. NancyThomas2044

    Have you experienced “Fat Blast Formula”? (check it out on google) It is a
    quick way to shed pounds fast.

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