Building Muscle Mass For Skinny Guys: Muscle Growth Bulking Tips

Building Muscle Mass For Skinny Guys: Muscle Growth Bulking Tips Best Diet for building muscle mass and bulking…
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25 thoughts on “Building Muscle Mass For Skinny Guys: Muscle Growth Bulking Tips”

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  2. Epic Muscle Mass

    Yeah, I’ve tried dieting without meat and my energy and workouts were so
    low. Healthy meat is good for muscles.

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  4. jimmy, i recently gotten back into the gym because i lost 15 pounds. i
    barely have any body fat either so most of that was probably muscle. within
    a month ive gained 3 pounds. i now weigh 158 and im benching 170 and
    dipping my own weight. although i feel like im in good shape, i want to
    gain a little more and i feel like i dont have as much energy as i should.
    what should i be eating/doing for some extra energy?

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  10. Overeating will cause some fat gain but you want to keep it to a minimum
    with good nutrition. Thanks for watching

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  12. I breakdance 2-3 hours about 3 times a week. Will this get in the way of my
    muscle growth? I’m naturally skinny.

  13. mohammad almousa

    hey jimmy everybody says that you have to gain fat while bulking which is
    why im scared of doing it !!! can you plz tell me if thats true …. and
    thank …. nice vid BTW

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