BUILD MUSCLE With Human Growth Hormone!!

Human Growth hormone (HGH) is a powerful anabolic hormone that occurs naturally in the body. It is produced by the pituitary gland in the brain and stimulate…
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37 thoughts on “BUILD MUSCLE With Human Growth Hormone!!”

  1. did i just see a video were someone just said, fasting is going to help
    with hgh,..if you wanna get big and that is your goal, you have got to eat,
    im 16 years old you can look me up chris shaw on facebook, im bigger then
    this guy on the vid, hes in 20s, i cant believe i just heard this guy say,
    you need to, stop eating, fast for a bit that will help u with ur hgh? have
    you seen ronnie coleman or jay cutler or any of those guys, you can idleize
    them all day, on how they lift, but look how much they eat, they eat like 8
    meals a day or more and there big meals not lil girly salad, or they dont
    go with periods of not eating? 

  2. I don’t watch you videos for fitness advice anymore. I just want to see
    what the random “And this is a…” thing is going to be!

  3. Damn, I can’t for the life of me think of a clever HGH joke. Drawing a
    blank. Nice video Matt.

  4. IAmNormalHonestly

    I saw a video that said hgh was produced during weight training. is this
    true or is it a MYTH!!?

  5. Armand Chevalier

    Thanks for the advice Matt, and love the new t-shirt even though You should
    have an adidas sponsorship with all their kit and swag you wear. Glad that
    you endorsed HGH the natural way. Ill be staying away from simple sugars
    and complex carbs before bed time. Much appreciated.

  6. Matt, you’ve probably said this before, but how old are you?
    Legit video, as usual.

    / Chris, Sweden

  7. Hello sir,
    How many sets and reps per muscle group and how many if you are doing two
    or three muscle group in one workout???

  8. Good video Matt. Solid advice. Being Turkish, you’ve appealed to my
    patriotism as well. Love ur channel!

  9. caesarlivenloud

    The last one I do… The 1st method (only eating during a certain periodo
    of the day) I won’t do it. I just can’t. I like my eating schedule of every
    3h hehe.

    Sleep…. well… Sadly I have some sleeping problems but I do try do sleep
    7 to 8h. Hopefully one day my body will let me grow hehe.

    Thank you for the video :=

  10. MrSuperHappyFun

    Love it! The martial arts helped put me along a very similar path & I don’t
    see ever going back.

  11. RedDeltaproject

    I know, it’s crazy how fast “chunking” your workouts into small little sets
    throughout the day will make you strong. I fully agree with the idea of
    doing a little all over the place.

  12. onceuponthecross1

    “grease the groove” rocks for building up the volume of tough exercises! i
    am currently doing it with one arm pushups.

  13. mustafa alhumeiy

    Im heavy ,strugling to do 5 straight pullups .. i do like 35 pullups ,35
    australian pullups and 75 squats every other day .. 10 days now and i still
    cant do more than 5 straight pullups ,i just feel soo bad 🙁

  14. RedDeltaproject

    You can do them everyday, especialy if you want to become more comfortable
    with a move you’re having trouble with. Ideally though, you should be
    advancing your techniques so they are intense enough so that you require a
    day or two rest and recovery in between workouts. There are no solid set
    rest protocols, you don’t have to have rest days, but you do have to
    recover to see results.

  15. onceuponthecross1

    i am guessing you are a very young dude…you also need to eat like a
    rhino, man! exercise alone without extra calories will just burn you out!

  16. I have a pull up bar, can I build upper body muscle using that, tricep
    dips, and pushups? I hear that you should do less reps per set because if
    you do more it’s just endurance not building. Is that true? I only weigh
    120 pounds, and am generally not strong at all

  17. RedDeltaproject

    It’s not about the reps so much as it is about the time under tension. The
    art of progressive calisthenics is about modifying technique so your body
    has to work against more tension over time. So I would say look for ways to
    constantly challenge your muscles and the rep ranges will take care of
    themselves. it’s good to use a wide range of rep ranges. To a large degree,
    there’s no such thing as a rep range that won’t build muscle.

  18. onceuponthecross1

    Man, ditch the australian pullups and do ths: If you can do 5 reps before
    failure, do MANY 2-3 rep sets throughout the day (assuming you have a
    pullup bar at home) and stay away from failure. make sure your technique is
    solid, you want clean, strong, exlposive reps. Retract and depress those
    scapulas! Do this every other day for 2-4 weeks and then test your max.
    You’ ll be surprised!

  19. RedDeltaproject

    Don’t feel back there Mustafa. Instead look to improve the quality of those
    5 like no kicking up with the legs or pulling your chest closer to the bar.
    You can still make progress without adding reps.

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