Build Muscle with Calisthenics? (specific routine?)

Question asked: how to build muscle by doing calisthenics (specific routine)? I answered a few of the most common questions asked regarding calisthenics rou…
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  1. Jason Raceles

    What is a good diet for bulking? I’m almost 16, 5’7, 130lbs, and trying to
    get to around 140lbs.

  2. Zacharie Benoit

    For building size you can just put a back pack with some heavy books inside
    right? To make it harder. 

  3. Tasmaniandevil95

    Also, you need to slow the reps down. For example during a push up, the
    lowering phase should take you 4 seconds, then hold at the bottom phase for
    1 second, then explode back up into the starting position. It is time under
    tension that stimulates the muscle fibers which then adapt by getting
    bigger (hypertrophy).

    4 seconds down – builds mass
    1 second hold (isometrics) – damages the fibers more thus increasing mass
    1 second to get back to the starting phase – builds explosive strength

  4. Paul, you made a mistake: low reps high weight builds muscle density
    because the muscle fibers are being torn (microtears) without fatigue. This
    means that you have more muscle fibers per square inch or whatever
    designated distance there is. This makes the muscle also look more defined
    when it’s contracted (or when your flexing it). Low weight high rep on the
    other hand builds size. The reason is because it barely causes any
    microtears, and the amount of reps just fatigue it. What this causes your
    body to do is to build the muscle fluid so that the muscle absorbs that
    fluid (which consists mainly of water, but it also has other nutrients and
    substances that are rich in oxygen and carbohydrates) while it’s being used
    to prevent muscular fatigue, or at least prolong the time period in which
    it will be fatigued.

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  6. WhoFramedRogerGoose

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  7. Alexei Debelyi

    As Pavel said – to build muscle – keep the reps between 5-12. If you can do
    more than 12 then it’s too easy. Powerlifters usually train in the 6 rep
    range (or till failure) for 3-5 sets. The number is the same across all
    exercises – as all muscle tissue is made of the same stuff. In summary –
    keep it between 5-12 reps for 3-5 sets, if you can do more, time to add
    weight or difficulty.

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  9. seungjoon rim

    what does your week schedule look like? in other words, which muscles do
    you work out on each day of the week? an example would be: monday-chest &
    tris, tues-back & bis, wed-rest day, etc.

  10. MrRationalize

    Hey, how can i get a Hugh Jackman physique. I’ve been working out like
    crazy but i want that lean cut that Wolverine has. Thank you.

  11. Александр Гапликов

    Привет Павел, сделай пожалуйста этот канал на русском языке.

  12. This guy’s name is Pavel, and his strength is 10 fold to that of Anakin’s,
    even with the force!

  13. MrDJVideoProduction

    But Pavel, i think you didnt worked out like that, but anyway got big and
    built muscles with calisthenics! In many videos you do many reps, without
    much weight, but man, you are anyway really ripped and big and built
    muscles! That confuses me! Why is it like this?

  14. hey Paul, have you heard of bar brothers? if you have, they basically do
    workouts like yours. your the reason why i built a pullup bar, i just
    started about a week ago.i do 7 pullups then i do 8 cliff hangers,4 on each
    side,after that i do 15 diamond pushups,then rest 30 seconds, then 15 wide
    pushups,them i do dips on the pull up bar,is this a good routine for a
    beginner? 30 sec rest between each exersize, and i do this for 30 to 45
    minutes, is an ok routine? please help, i want a body like you.

  15. Geert van der Beer

    If you have to recover for 2 weeks from a workout then you are probably
    injuring yourself somehow, most likely your shoulders.

  16. Udeshika Sewwandi

    If you are looking to get ripped, you should Google search for “Oak Muscle
    Method”. You are surely going to end up getting the body you should have.

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