Build Muscle & Lose Fat in a Caloric Defict? Keto Diet? QnA with Vince Del Monte

Discover How You Can Gain Up To 5… 10… 15… & Even 20 Pounds Of Muscle In Just 21 Days With The Fastest & Easiest Cyclical Bulking Method:…
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25 thoughts on “Build Muscle & Lose Fat in a Caloric Defict? Keto Diet? QnA with Vince Del Monte”

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  2. SnipedBigTime

    mike dolce vince, is the #1 nutritionist in MMA, if not he is highly
    regarded as so

  3. He is misleading giving bad answers. You don’t gain back all the fat when
    you stop a keto and introduce carbs. It’s always about calories in
    calories out. As you lose weight on those diets, your metabolism slows,
    after all your body does not require as much energy. People gain weight
    back only because they eat the SAME amount of calories they did before
    keto, NOT because of the carbs. There are ways to progressively
    re-introduce carbs / calories slowly, instead of aburptly, combined with
    exercise. If you time the carb reintroduction with proper exercise you
    will never overspill your glycogen and never gain back your fat.

    Most of the weight you will gain back after a keto is the water weight and
    glycogen stores, then your metabolism will adjust and your weight should
    maintain if you are slowly upping your calories and eat on maintenance,
    consuming the carbs when they can best be used (after a workout). CARBS
    are not evil. People only gain back the fat because they eat the SAME way
    before keto.

    I was doing keto for years then introduced back the carbs but kept my carb
    intake <100daily, with an occasional 1-2 high carb days....... Also
    combined with lifting and workouts, cardio, etc, with time you grow and
    over compensate on your ability to carry more glycogen than before,
    therefore upping carbs, and not a single amount of fat gained, in fact my
    BF% kept gong down.

    If you just quit a keto and go back to a sedentary lifestyle, eating the
    SAME amount of calories and carbs you did before, that won't cut
    it.........If you introduce calories slowly, keeping it in sync with your
    metabolism upshift, you can minimize fat gain!
    It's normal to gain some weight after keto regardless of what you do, but
    if you do things right it will ease off and stabilize!

    Please don't mislead people with wrong answers or half answers.

    Also about keto, most people don't do the diet long enough OR properly, so
    most of the weight being lost ends up being water weight.......very minimal
    fat loss short term, so people get excited losing 10-20 pounds and go back
    to eating normally.......the weight they gain back mostly is the water
    from the new glycogen stores,AND the longer you were on keto and
    bigger the caloric deficit and weight lost , the more likely you are to
    gain back
    your weight quicker if you stop keto and reintroduce the carbs too quickly.

    ALSO another reason why people gain more weight.......On Keto you can get
    with high fat......People get used to the high fat diet and will often eat
    the SAME
    way out of keto not realizing the harm it can do them now.

    All comes down to calories in calories out and not all calories are the

    You can do an all carbs diet and lose weight.......if you are on caloric
    (that is something unhealthy that I would never recommend).

    I am sick and tired of people making carbs evil. People don't get fat
    because of fat or carbs.......people get fat because they eat MORE food
    than the body's requirement for energy. If you eat more calorise than your
    body needs, you
    gain weight........simple as that. Some people have magic genes, and can
    metabolize fats and carbs better, others not.

    Know your body and know your requirements and learn how to manipulate
    fats and carbs to work for you instead of against you.

    Also I much prefer Cyclic Keto diets or Targeted ones, where you can have
    an all out carb day and still lose weight, not only that , but building
    muscle at the same
    time and keeping your metabolism and hormones in check.

  4. Michael Gruber

    Hey Vince… Talking about protein sources and shakes… When should I mix
    my shake with milk and when with water? Obviously it tastes better with
    milk 🙂 //mg

  5. Vince DelMonte

    Hey bud… Why don’t you suggest some questions. What kind of topics you

  6. Robert lundqvist

    Great reply. People forget about their insides. Keep on the good job Vince!

  7. I can attest to the notion that it is possible to build muscle and lose fat
    simultaneously, however, it is NOT an optimal way of building muscle. The
    gains are very slow but they do come. Also, the longer you’ve been lifting
    and the more muscle you have the harder it is to build muscle in a deficit.
    You can repair a broken bone while having poor nutrition, but is it
    optimal? no.

  8. Robert lundqvist

    Keto diet? Can it be a good way of living? Are you not going to miss out on
    glucose in the carbs and other things that is impotent for your bodys
    inside? And won’t your body get a bad ph?

  9. fitnessforyou1

    is a post workout shake necessary?? Nick right says that all you need is a
    pre workout and that post workout meals are just a myth! you will get same
    benefit from just a pre workout! could you please answer this in your next

  10. Yeah and he said only the experienced lifter can lose fat and gain muscle
    at the same time. But its the complete opposite actually, A guy who’s out
    of shape can gain muscle and lose fat at the same time, but theres no way
    in hell after a year of training that shit aint gonna happen. This dude is
    so fucking clueless. haha

  11. these are the most moronic questions and they aren’t even written in proper
    english, please try and answer some interesting scientific questions or
    something actually interesting most of your videos are much better than
    this, if you are going to do these videos pick the intelligent questions

  12. yes of course man..your body needs protein to recovery and build muscle
    quickly bro..listen to vince.he is one good true guy 😀

  13. LeoInterHyenaem

    What about human flesh? You forgot to mention that one, idiot! That one,
    too, will on occasion contain substantial quantities of protein.

  14. Vince DelMonte

    Long and short of it is that EVERYBODY should try to rotate protein
    sources- beans, lentils, legumes, anything. The more rotation of protein
    sources the better. It will be hard as a vegetarian, but do your best. –
    Delmonte Ambassador Team

  15. Aolad Hossain

    Wow. Wonderful movie. My bro was once obese. He went from 293lbs of fat
    into 216 lbs of real muscle mass. I couldn’t believe it! I just joined
    myself coz I’m wanting to get stronger muscles. He used the Muscle Building
    Bible (Google it)…

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