Build Massive Legs! (Muscle Gain)

With a total of 228 reps this leg routine has all the volume you need to pack on some muscle! Your goal is going to be to progressively overload each set if … Medicine Ball…
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  1. anyone know the name of the song that starts at 5:45? I know I’ve heard it
    in his other videos but can’t find the name to it

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  3. Jorge Rosso Flores Gutierrez

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  5. dude I’m diggin’ the metal you got goin on in the vid! Do you pick the
    songs yourself? Guitar and recording are a passion of mine. I would
    totally make you a kickass metal song for your vids!

  6. BulgarianShadow .

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  8. Charlie Greenfield

    Do a tough mudder and then focus your training on upper body. If you want
    to reduce mass need to burn some muscle. If you have excessive muscle on
    your legs and you do an overload workout like a tough mudder you are sure
    to lose some of that leg bulk and tons of fat.

  9. If you cannot put the weight on your shoulders but can easily push the
    weight through your feet. I would try using a Hack Squat Machine or just
    use the smith machine and perform Dumbell Lunges. All the best!

  10. Hey Scott, if you read this can you please recommed something to do to get
    bigger calf’s. Im quite young so please set me in the right direction
    Thanks a lot!! 😀

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