Build Mass – High Reps Or Low Reps? When guys try to build mass, they often wonder if high reps or low reps are better for making muscle. Watch this video to find o…

25 thoughts on “Build Mass – High Reps Or Low Reps?”

  1. What do you think about doing a full for out with heavy weight, 4-8 reps.
    then burning out at the end with 15-20 plus reps, say 2 sets?

  2. skinnygainmuscle

    @mark88bon Sure, drop/strip sets can work are also a good way to target all
    the muscle fibers – I include them in my own workouts occasionally.

  3. The Drop/Strip set isnt that the best way to build mass. Because you drop
    the weight after your first set and immidiately keep going, you do quiet a
    lot of reps. Do you hit both fibers efficiently then?

  4. @IMnotSAS get bent! i bet your in your 20s, have taken anabolic steroids
    and had quick gains and think you know everything. but guess what your
    heart and kidneys are gonna pack up soon…goodbye

  5. i find 2-6 reps gives u a DENSE THICK LOOK, while 6-12 more of a lean
    aesthetic look, thats why its good to do both rep ranges

  6. It’s already proven that lifting in the lower rep ranges build the most
    amount of lean dense muscle. Pumping out marathon reps will have minimal
    benefits to maximal lean gains.

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  8. skinnygainmuscle

    @Millzy20 Throwing in some variation with higher reps, different lifting
    tempos etc… can be a great way to avoid “plateaus” in our strength and
    muscle gains. For pure muscle mass, I’d recommend sticking to maybe 4 sets
    heavy (rather than 1 set heavy and two sets light). But if aiming for
    strength WITH more muscle endurance and fat loss, your approach definitely
    has its place. It really just depends on the specific goals of the training
    program. Thanks for your question!

  9. hey i got a question, i try using around 30 pound weights for my arms and
    will typically do 20 reps and 5 sets. For a 16 year old what kind of weight
    training would this be? i mean like hi/low rep and hi/low weight. Im trying
    to see if i can work myself up into doing a hi weight and hi rep workout to
    maximize endurance/energy and strength

  10. What about this….5 set of 25 reps to failure + 5 set of 10-6 rep to “non
    failure” your body will recovery extremely fast and you’ll see muscle
    really grow

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  13. hey man thanks for the vid it helped alot especially the nutritional vid
    but iv got a question would you recommend performing dropsets on every
    excercise you do??

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  16. @mark88bon I realize this is an old comment but w/e… You can’t say what’s
    best or what’s worst, I used to do pyramids which works well for others and
    it wasn’t getting the job done for me.. then i did drop sets and notice
    much more mass and strength gain, for others it might be different hell,
    compound sets even work for alot of people too it varies and i think it’s
    important to try everything before you stick to it.

  17. IslandersMets10

    I have to disagree sir. The best way to gain mass is to isolate each muscle
    group and ALWAYS do your reps to failure. ( Of course everyone is
    different). Then every month switch up your reps. -4-6, 8-10, 10-12. And of
    course eating your face off with chicken, turkey, almonds, eggwhites,
    protein shake (before and after the gym), and eating before you sleep.

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  19. if I want a bigger upper body and smaller lower body can I primarily focus
    on doing high reps for lower body and low reps for upper body?

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  21. Kathleen Brennan

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  22. I’ve now subscribed to you channel mate. Really good tips. From New Zealand
    – Daniel

  23. @JohnDaniB rep= repetitions which means how many times you lift a weight.
    if you do 8 reps of bicep curls that means you moved your arm up and down 8
    times. high reps is 12-15 low reps is 7 and down

  24. oh crap. this sounds important but i seriously dont understand it at all.
    can someone help me? whats high rep and low rep? lol

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