Brian and Scott Discuss the Importance of Diabetes and Exercise

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25 thoughts on “Brian and Scott Discuss the Importance of Diabetes and Exercise”

  1. hey scott can we get something about tendonitis?? i got one over a year ago
    and i heard its a common condition amongst people who exercise..

  2. Victor Hernandez

    Hi guys, Iยดve been diabetic for almost 12 years now. What I have learned in
    all this years is that training at the gym makes me feel abs great. My
    sugar levels are low, my HbA1C is perfect and what makes me feel very
    confident is that more I train, more I feel one of the rest. Insulin help
    me but Diabetes is more about your brain. So get out of the coach and run.
    Great video, thanks for posting this.

  3. Will Montalvo

    This is very good information. People should get them checked. Thanks so
    much for this.

  4. Excellent Video Scott.Give Brian my sincere thank you. I am not diabetic
    but this was very helpful in general. Looking forward to more videos. BTW,
    Love the T-shirt.

  5. Great job explaining all the aspects of Diabetes that are vital to those
    who have Diabetes and want to live a healthy life including exercise! It
    was awesome meeting you Brian, I really enjoyed working with you!

  6. Really? So it’s it like the Paleo diet. Is it a long term thing? Because it
    sounds like it’s a management tool, diabetes isn’t curable but it is the
    most manageable disease, i can guarantee that if the person goes back to
    old habits the glucose would shoot right back up. where can i find the
    video sounds like something i can suggest to some willing patients see if
    it can help the manage the disease.

  7. scott, can i just say.. you’re such a good person.. putting all these
    important vids up just for our information. i’ve learned so much from you.
    PS next time u have an interview, the camera man should just keep the
    camera pointed at you =)

  8. Supriya Rengaraj

    @vrklida yeah. When i was working out hard to make muscles my senior guys
    did not tell me about this method. btw! i just had to laugh its what i’ve
    been wanting for years I went straight out and got the whole set. just
    follow what video is saying to you here:

  9. taethekoreanking

    Hey Scott, where can I buy Affliction shirts? JC Penny? Macy? Hope you or
    someone else can answer this question. =P

  10. Looks like a good vlog, Sad no CLOSED CAPTIONED for the Deaf people. Not an
    accessible video!

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