Brett gibbs 3 lift raw powerlifting

Safe to say wasn’t feeling the best today 83kg powerlifting junior IPF Workout Saturday the 24/06/14 Facebook –…


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  1. Thanks for the comments all. Really looking forward to this meet.
    Jesper I’ve only worn mine a handful of times but they do not seem to have
    changed at all, and Andrew I guess I just drop it on top sets because it’s
    less stress in the body

  2. is there a reason powerlifters never control the negative of a deadlift
    when training? 

  3. Brett, I have a question for you. You mentioned youve been having some hip
    tightness/fatigue, so you aren’t pushing your knees out hard like you
    normally would. My question is what are you doing aside from mobility and
    stretching to get that taken care of? Incredible lifts as well, incredibly
    inspiring to me!

  4. Accidently bought too tight SBD knee sleeves, too late to change now, sucks
    badly. Have you noticed any stretch over the time in them? 

  5. Could you please explain why you use such a narrow grip on the bench? I am
    still trying to find out my perfect width but I can’t seem to figure it

  6. Is there anyway that I could contact you Brett? I’m looking for some help
    and advice. 

  7. Awesome lifts Brett, a small annotation of the amount of weight used and
    RPE if you use that system would be great in my opinion. Once again solid

  8. Chris Richardson

    Hello Mr Gibbs,

    Just some quick questions before you get to famous 😉 I have a feeling you
    will have alot of subscribers after jonnies video.

    how tall are you ( do you think it matters)?
    why do you bench with what seems to be a way narrower hand position than
    the norm??
    and what is you OHP pr?

    Good luck in the future, Watching you and jonnie lift retarded weights gets
    me hyped to reach my goals.


  9. Michael Winesburg

    Every once in a while do you think you could throw in a sloppy one to help
    the rest of us feel a little better. Just kidding had to watch this again

  10. Brett, you’re a fucking awesome lifter, an inspiration! Thanks for sharing
    your experiences. 

  11. TheGamezbePlayed

    Izzy you mention Fatigue percentages, and time limits in your book on page
    32. I am having difficulty understanding the concept. I dont think it is
    covered as well as the RPE stuff. Also your programs have a fatigue
    percentage, how do you keep track of the fatigue percentages?

  12. I’m going off to college and will have to use their activity center, and I
    know it’s not uncommon for 45lb plates to be off by a pound or so. Does
    this matter when it comes to your novice program or? 

  13. Izzy, thanks for all your great info. Would you recommend someone to do
    power cleans for added explosive strength? and if so where would it be

  14. Hey Just like to get your take on my situation as I have come to a training
    crossroads and am seriously considering doing PTW novice program or perhaps
    the advanced novice part.

    Into my 3rd year of “lifting weights” now I want to get strong and the
    size will follow.
    BW 186lbs 6ft 1 19 years old 1RMs Squat 242lb, Bench 210lb, Deadlift
    275lb conventional ( Switching to Sumo) Overhead Press 135lbs (maybe little
    Thinking novice strength in Squat and Deadlift still, if not all lifts.
    Do you think I can progress reasonably well on PTW for now.?
    Bonus Question – Without direct arm work will hypertrophy occur in the
    biceps and triceps by strength progression in the BIG 3?

    Really appreciate the feedback you can give me man, keep up the great

  15. Looking at it briefly this is going to be one of the best programs for pure
    powerlifting, the only criticism I have is that if you’re using it to get
    someone interested in powerlifting they’re highly likely to get bored of
    the lack of variety, I think that’s partly why Rip’s program is quite broad
    and varied, despite not truly being the best for strength.

  16. Hey Izzy, I hope you see this. It`s been about two months since i started
    squatting (but have been using front squats for the four months prior to
    squatting for the lack of a squat rack). Now I seem to have stalled in my
    agenda to milk the noob gains following (not strictly) icf 5×5 with (last
    session,kg) s120x4,pauseb80x4,d135x6. The numbers probably dont matter, but
    Im on the brink of deciding to use your PTW novice program because I`d like
    to make it a bit more sport specific, and make faster powerlifting total
    gains. Now I`d like to know how you feel about implementing stuff like
    incline bench/ ohp or barbell curls/rows at least on wednesday of phase
    two, so that i continue building my physique weak points such as upper
    chest or biceps.Also, the thing is that I would have to buy more plates to
    be able to lift more than 135kg in 3-6 rep range, would it be ok if I try
    to theoretically work on my 1rm by doing more reps (with maybe lighter
    weights) until i buy the plates or just avoid the program until I have the
    equipment. Thank you very much for taking the time.

  17. I just started this program this week. I feel that my bench press is going
    to stall before my deadlift and squat. So if I first only stall on the
    bench press do I just move onto phase two just for the bench press? Meaning
    just increase sets of 3 to sets of 5 for the press? While keeping my squat
    and deadlift at 2 sets and 1 set respectively? Thanks for the help!

  18. I started the program one day ago .
    you said that sumo deadlift is not important, but what about the wide arch
    bench press, I used to do it in bodybuilding style, is it ok?
    my weights
    BP 125 :6/6/5
    Sq 145:6/6
    DL 185: 6 

  19. Solid program, I appreciate you putting something like this together. I’m
    wondering though – have people developed injuries on this program from the
    amount of benching vs accessory work, or is the GPP stuff enough for
    balance in the shoulder girdle?
    If so, is GPP more optimal than a few sets of assistance exercises?

  20. Never got the E-Book. I subscribed to your newsletter, still did not
    receive the E-Book. If I don’t get it in the next 1-2 days I am going to
    end my subscription and unsubscribing from your newsletters. 

  21. Izzy, is the stimulus from only two sets in phase one sufficient to trigger
    strength adaptation. I ask as an ignorant nub who has been looking at
    Prielpin’s chart.


  22. Constantin Hüskens

    Hey man, Really Great channel, made me be interested into powerlifting and
    i might Start Running This Programm soon.
    But theres One Problem i have Already :/
    I live in Germany and the micro plates u linked in the Video Description
    cant be shipped to my House 🙁 do you know some microplates (preferably in
    kgs) that are being shipped worldwide, not just USA?
    Thank you for your help – Keep up the good work. 

  23. Izzy. Is doing 4, 3, 2 on the bench considered a stall or not? It was the
    minimum number of total reps (9), even if the last set didn’t stay within
    the rep range.

  24. I usually have a very short attention span with long videos, but I ended up
    watching the entire thing. Lots of good information, you are awesome man!

  25. William Nicklaus

    Izzy I hope that you see this, I have been training consistently for 1 year
    however only using machines as the gym I used had a lack of proper
    equipment. As of last week I switched gyms and tested my 1rm’s in the
    squat, bench and DL which are as follows: 135lbs Bench, 150lbs, Squat and a
    160lbs DL. With that being said, can I run your novice program and start
    with just the barbell without weight and progress from there to learn
    proper technique and stimulate the right neural pathways as I’m sure my
    form was less than desired. 

  26. dennis rivadeneira

    +PowerliftingToWin I am not a powerlifter, I train for general strenght and
    performance. I am running SS but I am sorry Izzy I am going to steal some
    of your ideas from your program ;). I am going to include GPP and your way
    of overload (double progression) in my program. Your channel is the
    best…. really… keep it like this…..

  27. Shamus MacDonald

    Hey Izzy, great video and even better program! I’m getting my little
    brother on this program starting Monday. Thanks for the awesome content and
    I’ll be spreading the PTW word!
    Best wishes. 

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