Boost Metabolism With Foods That Help Burn Belly Fat and Weight Loss

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25 thoughts on “Boost Metabolism With Foods That Help Burn Belly Fat and Weight Loss”

  1. Completely over thinking it. Stop worrying about how to ‘boost your
    metabolism’ and start worrying about calories in vs calories out. The
    difference this kind of food with make to your metabolism is insignificant,
    and surely you didn’t need someone to tell you that things like fruit and
    quinoa are just generally good for you.

    Obsessing over what foods are ‘good for your metabolism’ is fun, that’s why
    programs like this talk about it all the time like these foods are
    magically going to make you lose weight. You know what’s not fun? Shoving
    less cake down your throat. 

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    excess fats(:

  3. When I took the carbs out of my diet and replaced them with fats at the age
    of 62 I lost 75 pounds in six months. It proved to me that fat does not
    make you fat and that calories are not important when it comes to weight
    loss. I learned the statement “you are what you eat is incorrect. The
    correct statement is ” you are what your body does with what you eat. We
    are all different!

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    number of awesome stuff about it and my sis burned lots of unwanted fats.

  5. openureyes2thetruth1

    Yeah chocolate milk is not good for you that’s a fact. Taste good but it’s
    not good for human consumption. Also it feels like she’s getting payed to
    advertise these crappy low grade products she is showing. All of low are of
    a low quality. Still better them eating junk food. 100 times better. 

  6. holymountains818

    LOL- low carb (mainly from veggies), moderate fats (good fats like
    almonds), and a high protein diet is all you need!

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  8. Fatmir Merriott

    “You are what you eat”
    You undoubtedly can burn fat faster, more efficient by consuming the truth
    good foods.

  9. Hemp seeds for Protein and eat lots and lots of fat it will bring your own
    fat down.

    OneLove ~ JBB

  10. Valentina Catherine

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  11. Don’t throw away your time andmoney and efforts on weight losscapsules or
    ointments because their effects if any are merely temporary.

  12. Poy From Raze 2

    If you want to actually lose fat, MOVE YOUR ASS and force your self to
    sprint a field without stoppping….

  13. loseweighttoday12

    Hi! Have you considered – Super Amazing Fatloss Factor (just google it)?
    Ive heard some great things about it and my work buddy got great money with

  14. Did she just say chocolate milk is the “perfect combination of protein and
    I don’t think i need to explain why this is terrible advice. Just wow.

  15. Gerardo Cervantes

    Do not Drink milk or any of it’s Products, ,,,,it’s not. Safe. Anymore,
    ,,.avoid whole Grains They Are GMOs…

  16. Ashley Untiveros

    parsnips are better than bananas and are better for u. The bananas have
    starch in them <3 everything else I LOVE!

  17. InspirationthruMusic

    Eat all the negative calorie fruits and vegetables. You can find a list of
    negative calorie foods online. Cut out processed foods and carbohydrates.
    Lots of water. The nice thing about negative calorie foods you can eat them
    throughout the day and the body has to work harder to digest them, burning
    more calories. The weight will start coming off. Exercise to keep your
    muscles strong and heart strong with these negative calorie foods and
    you’ll get amazing results. Almonds, pistachios are also good like a
    handful a day(if you don’t have an allergy to nuts). Stay away from peanuts
    and peanut butter. Raisins are also good for you. A small handful per day
    can help ph levels on your body. You can search alkaline foods. If you
    going to drink chocolate milk, you can try the organic dutch coco powder
    with organic almond milk or organic coconut milk ( no GMO in the milk) it
    should say it contains no GMO on the carton. The “Silk” brand unsweetened
    coconut milk contains no GMO and you can find it in your local supermarket.
    I hope this helps. :)

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  19. Hey guys, at first I thought this was just another scam but boy was I
    wrong. In just a week and a half I’ve lost 5 lbs and a half inch in the
    waist. And my eating has increased if any change. I just am eating healthy
    now and yes, I feel so much better. I have more energy and do feel better.
    Thanks guys.
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