21 thoughts on “Bonnie’s Pilates Workout Routine – Butt”

  1. me too! i love these workouts and am really sad to see the others (thighs
    and belly) missing now 🙁

  2. @lolxoxo101 hello 🙂 please can you tell me where you found it?? i checked
    on google but the video seems to ‘have been removed by the user’….

  3. i’d loooove for the thighs video to come back. i have most of the exercises
    memorized, but i’d still love the video to guide me.

  4. Zornitsa Atanasova

    This workout should work my butt??? I didn’t feel anything! I knew it,
    pilatess, yoga… all these workouts doen’t work at all. Time wasted for me

  5. Megan Varghese

    dont freak out everyone lol. if you go on google and type in bonnies
    pilates workout routine thighs the same exact video comes up on another
    website!! 🙂

  6. I love this but i have a queston : will this workout make my butt smaller
    or more lifted and round ?

  7. @zoriusa you are a guy, aren’t you? Pilates for men should be combined with
    some other kind of exercise! weight training or something for maximum
    results. This workout is actually pretty tough if your able to isolate
    muscle groups and use basic pilates principles. If you just power through
    them, then you wont feel a thing!

  8. dumbest exercise routine to participate in if you want a bigger butt….
    this makes it toned but really flat

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  10. Zornitsa Atanasova

    @jackies83 no, i’m a girl and i’m already doing a weight training every day
    working on different muscle groups, but i wanted to stay active in the
    afternoon also that’s why i tried something different like pilates but i
    didn’t like it at all, i’m sorry 🙂 Nothing makes you feel the burn like
    the Deep Dumbbell Squat does (only my opinion)

  11. I KNO RIGHT!!!! Y did they take thighs off it really really works IM livin
    proof. I wish I cud find my DVD for this.. PLZ bring thighs back that wud
    make my workout so much better!

  12. Why the hell would exercise make your butt bigger? It’s for losing fat and
    toning. Not building muscle.

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  15. @zoriusa maybe it’s just difficulty issue then! these exercises are not
    suited for advanced users. There are like easy ones 🙂 always depends on
    the instructor! am a guy and i teach pilates for the past 3 years.. i
    already got some high level athletes, like iron man athletes, gymnastics,
    soccer etc etc. Instructor has to modify and adapt to that level! i assure
    you it can be challenging even for that kind of level..

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