Bodyweight Chest & Back Workout

Build muscle really fast: What’s up Six Pack Shortcutters! In today’s video, I am going to show you an awesome home chest an…

25 thoughts on “Bodyweight Chest & Back Workout”

  1. Is it better to do one excercise all sets after each other or all
    excercises one set and then the next set?


  2. Is there any other way to replace the jumping ones? Because i’m currently
    on homestay in a Japanese family and I’m staying on the 2nd floor with
    tatami floor, if i were to jump it would sounds like im shaking the whole

  3. Hey Mike, I have a problem I’ve been working out for about 3 weeks now…
    And I’ve seen a lot of results. So thank you for these videos. And helping
    me make my life better.

  4. hey wenever i lift weights my elbow joint hurts i heard fish oil capsules
    help idk any advise?

  5. I’m a girl and i did this but it doesn’t really do much because I don’t
    have enough bodyweight I think, or any recommendations?

  6. Matthew Ketchen

    I can do everything but jumping birdies or whatever either way I can’t do
    those not right now anyway.

  7. Awesome… I go to gym… And your methods makes sense.. It is effective
    even without equipment… #ISaluteYou

  8. Synergy_Legit_MCP

    the back workout will definitely strengthen ur back a lot, good if u do
    calisthenics, but the workout wont increase mass in the back. 

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