Bodybuilding Motivation – Pain is Temporary

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25 thoughts on “Bodybuilding Motivation – Pain is Temporary”

  1. BigWillThePrince

    Why do poeple always assume if you work out or are a bodybuilder, you take
    steroids? Alex Rodriguez is a skinny baseball playing bitch and he was
    taking steroids and no one would have thought about him since hes not a
    football player or bodybuilder? Yeah some people take them but others dont.
    Fuck off. Going to the gym is hard work and dedication and alot of you are
    haters and say they take steroids because you guys only go the gym for the
    first week after new years. Fuck off.

  2. Why are they trying to be as big as possible? For what reason? Building
    useless muscles and putting unnecessary strain on your body aint to smart

  3. The SIZE of these bodybuilders is so unnatural that it actually makes them
    look bad and disgusting. These guys aren’t 250 pounds like 6′ 2″ Arnold
    Swarzennegar – even though he also did steroids. These people are much
    heavier, because of the gorilla steroids that are used and abused severely.

  4. Anabolic Steroidssssssss yaaaaaaaaaa make you biggg work harder with
    anabolic steroidsssssss

  5. unidentifiedsssource

    Nobody wants to look like this, they look disgusting, like those people who
    are fat, well those are the opposite.. they don’t even look like human
    beings anymore.

  6. Watch this. Listen to the words. Now go hit the gym. I listen to this
    instead of music. Get some!

  7. Benji Feacrotta

    How the hell am I suppose to get this big without steroids and my manhood
    under these dope ass jeans

  8. I do not see why everyones ripping on the guys that use steroids.. like are
    you so daft and fucking stupid and think you inject yourself.. scratch your
    ass a couple times and then the little steroid fairy comes in your sleep
    and the next morning you’re huge.. NO! first off the only people hating on
    people that use steroids are no bigger than the shit i took this morning..
    the people who go to the gym twice a week and when they did go only trained
    arms… the people who eat a couple grapes, 1 chicken breast go to the gym
    and then have a nice big mac and don’t see any results.. those are the
    people sitting behind their computer screens and eating a bag of chips
    judging people like the waste of skin that you are. Taking steroids is a
    choice.. just like anything else.. people who take bcaa’s,creatine, other
    supplements have a advantage over those that don’t so to speak if you think
    about it.. so how about you hide behind your little i pad and go judge
    those people for taking those as well… Steroids have a bad rep because
    retards like you get some gear and inject it into a vein or the head of
    their dick or some stupid shit because they googled how to take steroids
    looked over it as they took a dump and then went ahead and did it.. you
    know how much research that should be done before you even touch a vial!
    and y’all are fucking stupid because in every sport their is multiple
    people taking steroids… you are just too retarded to realize it. Steroids
    give people an edge.. just like lots of things in life.. fuck i would take
    them too if it meant a job and putting food on the table for my family. You
    can be huge natural as well a huge on steroids.. you are non of the above
    and you probably never will be. The only reason you even commented on this
    video is because you are jealous… you see someone with something that you
    will never be able to attain because the lack of motivation, drive, and
    determination you fat ass has. So unless you have something intelligent to
    say.. don’t fucking comment on these videos cause for some of us.. these
    videos are what keeps us going.. these videos keep that fire alive! and
    that beast roaring. So next time you go to take a piss and you have to suck
    in your gut just to see your own dick that you haven’t seen since you were
    12.. remember that you are a jealous mother fucker and due to the fact that
    you came on here just to rip on people that are bigger than you.. makes you
    out to be a little bitch school girl. Now I’m off to the gym cause 1. i
    watched this video 2. everyone who hated on this pissed me off and 3.
    because i know that I’m going to be one step closer to my goal than i was
    tomorrow!! So FUCK y’all! you jive turkey mother fuckers! 

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