Bodybuilding Groceries: How I Eat to Build Lean Mass part 2

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The Simpsons Tapped Out Blue Houses Mass Building 2

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32 thoughts on “Bodybuilding Groceries: How I Eat to Build Lean Mass part 2”

  1. Awesome video dude can you do a meal prep I’m trying to get I to lifting
    but I drive a semi from 6am to 7pm can you help to put a meal plan please
    and thank you 

  2. Alby is buying the frozen stuff more expensive than the fresh, example the
    tilapia or the breast of chicken or just convenient?

  3. I don’t really know which one is more expensive. Frozen foods are just more
    convenient for me. Eating fresh foods would require me to make too many
    trips to the store.

  4. I love steaks and base most of my meals around steak half the time and
    chicken breasts the other half and eat tons of veggies on the side .

  5. +Onetoo. That is about $1.4 million in Blue Houses, I probably get near
    $150,000 every 8 hours. Not to mention a good amount of XP.

  6. orange houses provide more money but in a longer time. When you do the
    maths blue houses are better but i dont play a lot so i would make heaps of
    orange houses

  7. Lol the Hartman song at the end, I had that cd when I was little, the
    simpsons sing the blues I think it was called

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