19 thoughts on “Bodybuilding Cowgirl WOD #1- Women’s Fitness with Clifta Perez”

  1. Its great to see a new video. I’m a mother of 2 small boys and run a business with my husband. I always feel like crap if I take off from the gym but life gets in the way and I don’t always make it there. I love watching your videos because u motivate me and to know that u took some time off due to live events and that its OK doesn’t make me feel as horrible as I do when I can’t make it to the gym. Thank u Clifta for letting us know that u are human too :)….Tanya, Orlando

  2. i love your honesty… thank you for not making me feel that 15 seconds is too little compared to 50 seconds (impossible for me). I go to the jungle gym in the park and it has a nice rubber surface, which makes it easy for me to jump. Welcome back warrior!

  3. Doesnt look like you have lost much definition from your time away….still looking fantastic ! Thats great you had the time to take some time off…:)

  4. wow, really, you look wonderful in spite of the months of inactivity! Have you really been doing nothing but riding you horses? Anyway, thank you for being back, I like your work-outs, your figure, your attitude, you new channel-name and, last but not least, you voice;-) Have great days and work-outs

  5. The longest I went w/o working out was back in August for 3 weeks and I was feeling guilty and I was dreading the DOMS I was gonna get when I hit the gym and I was afraid that I had lost some gains and I did. I’m back to normal…no big deal. You still look like you’re in shape after 5 months.

  6. I really like this video. It’s very easy to follow and I can hear you clearly. I get a really good idea of what my time in the gym should be like. I feel like I waist time in the gym, after watching how efficient you are.

  7. First off YEEHA &GIDDYUP! (the international cowboy greeting ha ha)… I cant help feel im a lil responsible for maybe influencing your new title? ha ha. If i am im deeply flattered…. its october 2 here in Oz and im guessing you’re in a world of pain?! ha ha. The first workouts back are always a killer… You are definitely a pleasant distraction in my day 😉 .. so STOP being so damn cute! ha ha. I like that u make big muscle guys like me not feel strange in a world of Justin Beiber.. BBCB Aus

  8. Nice Work Clifta. i have not been to the gym in 3 months..i miss it so much. good video.

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