Body Slimming Workout | POP Pilates for Beginners

Here’s a brand new beginners workout for you! Great place to start your journey and also perfect for everyone so you can review your form and technique when …

24 thoughts on “Body Slimming Workout | POP Pilates for Beginners”

  1. Girl, this was perfect for me. I’m a beginner and I’m also fasting
    (Ramadan, I’m Muslim). And they tell us the perfect time to workout is an
    hour before we break our fast. This is perfect for me. I used to be fit a
    long time ago but with stress in my last years in uni and work and moving
    back to Kuwait and getting to used it has taken me into this lethargic
    world that includes comfort food and lack of exercise. I’ve recently
    decided to push myself back into a healthier lifestyle and I remembered
    Bubz from Bubzbeauty raved about your videos and I subscribed but I never
    really joined the Blogilates POPsters. Now I make sure I do several of your
    workouts and I can’t wait to start your beginners calendar. Much love and
    much much much appreciation from Kuwait <3

  2. Exercise gives you endorphins, endorphins make you happy 🙂 (and, on a side
    note happy people don’t kill their husbands).
    Excited to start the beginners program :)

  3. Kinda in love with this video now!!!! Absolutely amazing!!!!! Great tips
    and great workout!!! Thanks Cassey!!! 

  4. That actually taught me a lot! I was doing a few things wrong and now it
    burns way more! Thanks! Where do you get your cute shorts with those
    little bow ties like in this video? So cute!

  5. Just want to say “Thank You”. I have recently lost over one hundred pounds
    and your workouts have helped me get there. I feel great and the tone of
    my body is pretty shocking to people when I tell them how much weight I
    have lost. I tell everyone about your workouts. I can’t tell you how much
    I appreciate the diversity of the workouts. It keeps me engaged and
    excited to continue to see changes in myself.

  6. My breasts and stomach are too large to do these moves properly… -_-
    Oh well, hopefully if I keep up with pilates and cardio I should shrink and
    be able to do the moves. 

  7. +blogilates hi i am a teenager with severe asthma and am over weight i
    really want to lose weight but i can’t do much exercise, can you please
    help me beacause i like your videos i just struggle xx

  8. When I do the bridge move, my knees start to feel really uncomfortable.
    Anyone else having that problem? I am a beginner and I really wanna get
    better but my knees are just sooooo uncomfortable…

  9. britney mckenzie

    I just started the beginners calendar and I find that I wasn’t sweating is
    that normal doing blogiloties and I also felt like it was a bit too easy is
    that normal too or am I just not doing it properly

  10. Printed off the calendar and READY to get it in! Completed day 1. It’s
    been a while since I worked out with Ms. C, so I am looking forward to
    having my personal trainer back. :0)

  11. Awesome workout Cassey! It was challenging for beginners, but not overly
    difficult. Thank you so much for providing so many of us with awesome

  12. I just started the beginners calendar and i am on day 5, i have already
    notice a difference. Mind you i have been doing yoga for a few months and i
    started this calender after a few days of watching your videos before
    committing to it. I was so sore these past few days. Yesterday and today
    were my first few days without feeling like my muscles are completely
    wrecked and i am very pleased with my progress. thank you cassey!

  13. Day one following beginners calendar! If I see change in four week I will
    personally give you a huggggg haha! Wish me luck!

  14. linda lim yu ting

    Hey cassey, just wanna say thank you for your effort! I wanna slim down yet
    I can’t effort to sign up for classes. Just love it that you are really
    trying to help us ♡ love you! 

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