Billy Blanks Jr: Afro Samba Dance Workout- Club Hip Hop

Billy Blanks Jr: Afro Samba Dance Workout from Club Hip Hop is a fiery cardio dance routine that is designed to boost metabolism, burn major fat, and slim the waistline through a series of explosive moves inspired by traditional African and Samba dances, combined with some of today’s hottest Hip Hop steps. Get ready to sweat and burn off those extra calories on the dance floor with Pro Trainer and Choreographer, Billy Blanks Jr, as he takes you through this spicy routine step-by-step. Sculpt a lean and sexy dancer’s body as you build muscle and tone your abs, arms, chest, legs, and butt. Billy’s enthusiastic demeanor and easy-to-follow instruction makes this segment a blast, and great for any skill level. Whether you are dancing at the club or in your living room, this workout from the all new “Club Hip Hop” Series will boost your style points and get you results! Be sure to tune in every Wednesday for new episodes.

16 thoughts on “Billy Blanks Jr: Afro Samba Dance Workout- Club Hip Hop”

  1. Caroline Sederowsky

    cool. I’ve no rythm or anything similar to that, hahha, but I definitely love this workout.

  2. AsianTeenBodybuilder

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  3. i love billy bloanks! He has such good energy. This is such a fun workout. I could do this everyday!

    1. IfeelSick2988November 29, 2011Hi taylor,I am cuenrrtly on a low carb or slow carb diet and I am looking to lose 120lbs. Before I started the diet, i had lost 28lbs already but I hit a bad plateau. I want to get a good post workout mix that doesn’t require dairy and is very little carb but enough to replenish me but with plenty of protein. What would you recommend?

  4. I love this video!!!!. The name however is a bit crazy. I didn’t know a hairstyle could dance. African or African inspired samba dance would have been a better term to use in my opinion.

    1. I like the video, but I’m not an amateur Ijust like your style and dig the white tank. The best part of the vid is the ab wokuort, Do more vids sportin the white tankie. You got that lil urban hip-hop thang goin on and I like; it’s damn right sexy!

  5. Ok. I think that heis officially my favorite trainer on Befit. I love his authentic energy and rhythm. For some reason his workouts never seem daunting-which is never what a workout should be! Thx guys!

    1. Anything that gets the person up and monvig is helpful. It doesn’t have to be strenuous; studies have shown that even mild exercise (like walking) for as little as 15 minutes every other day has a measurable health benefit. Not as much of a benefit as more exercise would bring, of course, but we all have to start somewhere. Obese people may have trouble with their legs and feet that makes walking difficult. If this is the case, consider swimming, or an exercise bike with a comfy padded seat. Then, as the person gains endurance and exercise becomes easier, they can step up the duration, frequency, or intensity and see the benefits come even faster. Good luck!

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