44 thoughts on “Bikini ABS WORKOUT!!”

  1. MotorcrossRacer1

    is it really that nice in florida that your outside dressed like that? damm
    new jersey is freezing! btw you look great

  2. Great workout. Was a little hard to keep up, I found the transitions too
    quick, mainly because I am not too sure of proper form for each and there
    wasn’t enough of a showing for me to be prepared. I wasted a bit of the
    countdown just trying to understand how you were going through the motions.
    I love when there is a large viewing of how to do the exercise that is
    next. Thanks for all the lovely workouts, they are such a great help.

  3. Oh my god. Those knee slap burpees -____- had to pause the video after that
    and take a long break

  4. I survived this HIIT workout!!! 😀 a few months ago I couldn’t even get to
    8 minutes without completely dying but ever since I’ve hit the gym these
    workouts have been amazing!! (: thank you guys!! You’re the only ones I
    subscribe to! 

  5. Did this the other day. I can’t believe I did it again today! Thank you! I
    can’t feel my legs! lol Doing this workout is so much better than wasting
    my time playing Flappy Bird.

  6. After the 1000 calorie workouts I do every sunday this is cake, lol. But
    still a nice, grueling workout. My abs thank you!

  7. Really needed this! It was definitely difficult, but I did it with all my
    might and felt so good after. 🙂 For the past few days I’ve been feeling a
    little under the weather, so this work out was great to sweat out any nasty
    things, fight off potential illness, and challenge the body. 

  8. This is definitely intense and just what I need!! Will be doing one of you
    guys video a day until June:)

  9. Walkthroughs and Playthroughs

    Just did the workout. I think the most challenging was the warm up for some

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