BIG-V! “Back & Shoulders” (Muscle Gain)

(0:20)- Routine Sets & Reps (0:56)- Barbell Bent-Over Row (1:45)- Weighted Chin-Up (3:01)- Single-Arm Dumbbell Row On Bench (4:10)- Wide Cable Row (5:22)- Se…
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25 thoughts on “BIG-V! “Back & Shoulders” (Muscle Gain)”

  1. I know this is sort of an old video but I am just now watching it and I have a question on the form/technique of the seated dumbbell press. Why do you fully extend the arms? Doesn’t that give the shoulders a rest when the arms are fully extended vs keeping pressure on the shoulders by not locking out or is this an injury waiting to happen?

  2. Hello everyone. Fabulous vid.

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  3. amrzidane rabeea

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  4. Heeeey!!! Do you have a friend Female?!?!? i would like to watch female’s routines!! Good Job Scott!!! i’ve showed your videos to my husband and he’s already doing them 😀

  5. Brandon MacLeod

    Great workout Scott! Conveniently today was back and shoulders for me so I was keen to give this a go, finishing with your “washboard abs” workout really finished me off too! Excellent stuff man, I enjoy your muscle building workouts and I hope to see plenty more 😀


  6. @xatqoad u’re right. You are smart if you understand you need to eat right at your age to kill your belly. Between I saw an interview with body building champion where he talks about 7 odd foods he eats to keep his abs hard. get to know here :

  7. Dude seriously my blessings to you man. Since the first video i saw a couple of weeks ago you’ve helped me a lot. Continue doing a good job man!

  8. i was just thinking the same thing. hes looking a bit smaller and a lot softer from when i watched his vids a year or so ago. maybe hes getting busy and doesnt train as much. or the opposite, maybe hes training too much..

  9. Scott do you feel awkward when others watch you making a video? I’m surprised that nobody video bombs.

  10. He is just demonstrating the exercise with proper form…This isn’t 1 of his “let’s watch scott work out” videos. Watch one of his other videos where he is actually filming during his workout and see how much he does then. 🙂

  11. I agree with everything you’ve written but please tell me why shoulder presses should give you a wider back? I always thought the front delts wouldn’t do anything for width- isn’t it more off the side shoulder and the rear part? a respond would be awsome- great workout tho

  12. People are comparing about shit. But everyone is different. You train to change yourself. Not train to change yourself into someone else.

  13. WellThisHad2BeMyName

    Love watching your videos, great inspiration. Any way you can post vids or links to the music played whenever you’re showing the exercises with the reps and sets that have to be done? Honestly, they’re really sick lol.

  14. Scott is shoulder pressing 40 lbs with around 5 minute rest. Tmw does 75’s with a lot shorter rest. Lmfao you’re an idiot.

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