Big Butt Building Gym Routine Build Muscle Lose Fat

Butt Building Routine + How to Build Muscle & Lose Fat Cardio/Weight training. + Meal Plan on my BLOG Workout Corset Green Fitness Band…
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25 thoughts on “Big Butt Building Gym Routine Build Muscle Lose Fat”


    No lie Destiny Im over here imagining my uncoordinated ass on that
    treadmill and I take my hat off to you. You are beast’n in da gym. Your
    body is beautiful and its INSPIRATION all day everyday. More
    #blackwomenshealth #fitness #bblogger 

  2. I love that you go to the gym and just knock out your routine. I’m 5’7 232
    w/broad shoulders. I’m queen Latifah build. I’m so embarrassed to really
    put my all into it (to many cute guys & skinny girls staring ) smh. You
    look amazing keep it up:)

  3. Machine Gun Glam

    Killerrrr! Resistance bands are the only thing that really makes me feel
    the burn. I fell off the wagon for a whole week but I will be back at the
    gym this evening. Now I have some new tricks up my sleeve. Thanks mama!

  4. I needed this! I’m def copping some of these workouts. Thank you. Your
    fitness game is no joke! <3 #flawless 

  5. CherieMonique

    You are GETTING IT with that resistance band! Badass workout. No wonder why
    you look so good! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Go Destiny, you got It going on in the gym. I feel so embarrassed in the
    gym sometimes but your rocking it in the gym. Thanks for the fitness
    inspiration girl 

  7. Phasion Telelvision

    Loved this video!! You can check out some of my fitness vids as well on my
    playlist . I will be posting updated ones and do routines for the ladies
    that workout from home and need a little guidance as for what kind of
    workouts to do at home and how to make it fun. If you like what you see
    subscribe please !! Also would love for you to share my channel amongst
    your audience . This is my passion I turned I to my company . Again that
    body hunty is amazing !!!

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