Big Balls Workout

Big Balls Workout

Special Fit Test Dummy, Luann, joins us for a big balls workout! Watch David and special Fit Test Dummy Luann use Spri medicine balls to try the Men’s Health Tarheels 200 Medicine Ball Workout in two levels of fitness. Verdict: We love Spri’s balls. The great thing about the Spri medicine balls are the handles on either side, giving you more stability in carrying them. Ball workouts, medicine or stability, always gives you a great variety, and are able to work a number of different muscles. Like Us http Follow Us

3 thoughts on “Big Balls Workout”

  1. Love the idea of Shuna and Luann. What could be more fun and educational than that?

  2. FitTestDummies

    Shuna wants to do a workout with Luann – comment below if you think this is a good idea.

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