Biceps Weight Lifting Workout- Arms gym Training Routine

Sam Tribble runs us through a typical biceps workout at the gym. He doesn’t hit biceps in particular, but rather the movements he does on a daily basis inclu…
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25 thoughts on “Biceps Weight Lifting Workout- Arms gym Training Routine”

  1. i’m a beginner and i workout in my house gym, i’m skinny so its ok to start with “Serious Mass” so i will get bulk body.. please help me out guys

  2. its amazing the amount of weight he picks up first time, it proves how amazing decades of gymnastics can be for he body.

  3. Good comments at the end. Protect your body, especially rotater cuff, knees, etc. Better to take it slow and work on form rather than play MuscleMan and get hurt. Surgery is no fun.

  4. yoh what can i do with stretch marks? stretch marks started to appear and this is discouraging me to work out bcuz the marks could get worst

  5. Could you check and tell us how many kilograms was the first (complete) and last set till 2:50 each dumbbell?

  6. billy bongos

    you should do high intensity training for building up your arms… one/two warm up sets, and ONE working set to failure. You’ll expend energy optimally that way

  7. Kevin Kallon

    i know people are saying about he got wrong shape and all that shit, but at the end of the day the guy is in a good shape right, so not hate

  8. SUPERstrongtaner

    super nice biceps muscle and great biceps tutorial very great. thx

  9. ok,i haven’t work out biceps for 4 months…and he tries 42kg at the first attempt :O then he goes down around 32kg…lol,,,my motivation now is very low…i can only curl 22 kg

  10. HAHAHA “If you’re on something….just go ahead and finish it up”….I see what you did there.

  11. strengthproject

    The theory here is just pick up some weights and move without harming your body. Occasional weight lifting is just a supplement to Sams routine. His daily lifestyle includes other forms of strength training (Work, bodyweight exercises)
    If your sweating, moving, and not harming your body, then you’re working! 🙂

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