Start building more strength today! In this video I am using the 2.5 inch Iron Bull Strength Grips! The kind of soren…
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25 thoughts on “Biceps! CURLS For GAINS!‏ (JUST LIFT!)”

  1. Hey Scott, how can I do dips? I find them very hard to do and especially
    now after my gym removed our assisted dip machine.

  2. DId you do anything else that day, or was it just a bicep day? I tried this
    today and, damn, I had to cut my tricep exercises short ‘cuz I felt like I
    was overtraining.

  3. I can’t reply to your original comment so I hope you see this, but thank
    for the song link and info Scott!!

  4. Hey Scott, can i just workout a muscle or two a day and rest untill next
    week? Can i get bulk that way? Thanks a lot man!

  5. I too curl in the squat rack! 😉 These youtube critics are great. The
    question is… do they even lift? 

  6. you looking huge man, i think you look bigger here than any other of your
    videos. keep it up. where can I buy the things you put on the bar to make
    it thicker?

  7. Hey name is mike..I would like to get lean and big like you..can
    you help me to get big or throw some exercises that will get me muscular..I
    am 5 foot 7 inches at 205 pounds..I am more muscular than fat..I have not
    been able to work out lately but I will start in January 1st 2014..I bought
    the insanty program but just need some advice to see what road I should
    take.. please help me..I am trying to look good for my girl..

  8. just curious scott but why do you let your shoulders fall so far forward on
    your preacher curl?

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