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50 thoughts on “Best Tricep workouts Best triceps workout program bodybuilding workouts exercises routine”

  1. Mr. Vic, I just discovered you and you look in great shape. The best thing about your coaching is that you do it very well, like a good school teacher. I will try this exercise combo tomorrow and see how it feels, I´m a veteran soccer player but like to lift weights too. Thank you.

  2. Carlos Nells

    I have a bad time getting into a groove on triceps your way may really solve my technical problem thanks.

  3. Ian,
    I know the answer to this and it is Yes.
    The only person that now has to answer it is you. Peace, Vic

  4. liamcoleman1888

    Been looking for a good tricep workout for a while now as my biceps are beginning to get a lot larger than my triceps and it looks stupid as i can’t find the right exercise to get a good contraction…BUT THIS WORKS THANKS VIC

  5. Bodybuilding Course

    Another great video of bodybuilding training workout! Good job Vic!

  6. Great exercise!!!!!! My triceps are now dead, love your vids and you look like a buff Bruce Banner before turning into the Hulk XD

  7. Thanks for all. All these videos make my life better, and i glad for all that good and helpfull information.

    Thanks. from Brazil.

  8. Really love to get feedback like this.
    Perfect. Really happy to hear.
    Peace, Vic

  9. I can’t get enough of your videos. Each one of your videos showed me something new. From the 2 steps in doing lat pull downs to keeping a loose grip and curling up only half way until you feel the contractions and not needing to go all the way up. All of those tips have made such a huge difference and also has gotten me out of the rut I was beginning to get in. Now each workout thanks to your tips have given me that ultimate pump and burn in have been missing. Thanks Vic you are the man!!!

  10. Big thanks to you Vic,you are the man.Peace
    Just tried exercise,bizarre at first but felt it alright.

  11. Manohar Vedantham

    Amazing home exercise for triceps. The 3 count before starting to push really makes the difference. You are an amazing teacher. Your videos are helping me get past the point I was stuck on for results.

  12. Mike Berritta

    I just found you like 15 minutes ago lookin to swith stuff up at home and add some new workouts. You have an… interesting way of delivering you message but I like it. This workout in particular is strange and doesn’t seem like it would work but after 1 single set I already feel my tris heating up. Thanks Vic. Peace

  13. Thanx for this sensible way of doing exercise..specially the traps one..moat of the idiots do traps in a bad way…even i also unless i hv seen ur video..tcr…hv a nice tym bro..

  14. Just tried you’re exercise there, and again, affective and brutal. Thanks again Vic, top man!

  15. Vic, i just was wondering, what do you know about German/Austrian Volume Training?

  16. You lost the glasses. Now you look less like Bob Saget and more like John Hamm. And I bet the chicks are digging you bruh bruh.

  17. Yes ,, Just now tried it ,,, at first i thought it will be easy ,, But it is not so easy ,,, I felt my triceps getting heated up from the first rep. Will add this one to my home muscles training with Dumb Bells. Been training for last 1 year now at home,,,,
    Thanks Vik.

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