Best Time To Build Ripped Muscle

1 “OLD SCHOOL” trick build ripped muscle: Hey man, Its Mike with sixpackshortcuts and thanks for joining us today. Today I’m…

This week, you will learn about how to build muscle fast and in natural ways and why animal proteins are actually an inefficient allocation of digestive ener…

27 thoughts on “Best Time To Build Ripped Muscle”

  1. I like ur content when you make jokes through the content which keeps us in
    more focus. The pissing joke was good.

  2. Hiya, have you seen Morsch Muscle Madness? (just google it) You will learn
    about the serious crimes we commit against our bodies. With Morsch Muscle
    Madness, you will discover how to build muscle quickly.

  3. Miiiike! Great video.. but the many camera angle’s gives me a headache..
    2:41 and 2:49….aaaand many more! ….my feedback…

  4. Quinix Yashieyama

    When the camera was angled differently why does it looks like he has his
    eyes focused on reading something?

  5. I tend to work out Monday, Wednesday and Friday at about 4:00pm. I do this
    so i can have my dinner straight after.

  6. For people who are wanting to gain muscle mass but can’t be bothered,
    sitting around and dreaming it will get you no where. Get off your ass and
    start lifting some weights. Bodybuilding is not easy, it makes you sweat,
    ache ect…..but after a couple of years when you have big arms big chest
    roaring abs bowling ball shoulders bigger waist bigger legs, you’ll find
    yourself looking back and thanking yourself for making that move years ago.
    Make that move NOW!!!

  7. Quinix Yashieyama

    This guy is the reason why i love working out. But what i would like to
    know is what’s the difference in jogging in the winter and jogging in the

  8. Looking to get into shape for the new year but still enjoy food? Check out
    my channel and learn how to structure your diet and training routine while
    still incorporating foods you love!

  9. You get ripped because of a long strict diet and training. After it doest
    matter if you drink 1 or 2 times per months. Your not going to get 1kilos
    the next day. But be careful when you are drunk you can easily empty your
    fridge at 4am when you come back from party so hungry

  10. I do the insanity program and I want to define my muscles, but I was told
    to much cardio will hinder my results. HELP!

  11. mike ,i like your videos but you don’t really have a 6-pack , those
    calisthenics guys are kingz .., so i’d rather hit bars than a gym

  12. I’ve read aswell that after 50 minutes your muscles start to break down, so
    probably it’s better to keep it under that time, I’d say 3-4 times a week.
    Of course you will work different muscles each day.

  13. Have you seen Zippy Fat Loss? (look for it on google) It is a quick way for
    you to lose weight fast.

  14. Tyler are you saying that plants don’t have proteins instead they have
    amino acids ready to be made into proteins as apposed to meat which has
    ready made proteins which need to be broken down into amino acids
    first???????. Because you gave the building analogy but didn’t explain what
    the analogy meant in real terms!

  15. You are awesome ,, such a moving piece !!!
    Question what would be a good source for fiber ??

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