Best Shoulder Exercises for Building Muscle Mass w/ NPC Super Heavyweight, Carlos Davito

Watch NPC Super Heavyweight, Carlos Davito, Do a Shoulder Workout w/ Proper Form for Building Massive Muscle Mass. If you want a GOOD PRE-WORKOUT, you gotta …
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50 thoughts on “Best Shoulder Exercises for Building Muscle Mass w/ NPC Super Heavyweight, Carlos Davito”

  1. NPC Super Heavyweight, Carlos Davito, Instructs How to Do the Standing
    Reverse Grip Cable #Tricep Extensions Workout w/ Proper Form for Building
    Muscle Mass.

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  2. Best Shoulder Exercises for Building Muscle Mass w/ NPC Super Heavyweight,
    Carlos Davito

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  4. This guys mass comes from his impeccable diet and his cycle. There is no
    magic bullet or number of sets/reps that will just turn you into this guy.
    It’s maintaining a proper mass gain diet, appropriate cycles, effort in
    the gym and rest. People make this way more complicated than it needs to

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  6. it all comes with hard work, time and diet, even on a cycle you wont turn
    into that in a month or four lol

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  8. MisterTom12345

    Hi Carlos, are any of these exercises particularly bad for the joints? I
    was told to be careful with the “straight up” military press, to hold the
    dumbbells in a more forward position, with palms turned inward, as to avoid
    stress on the shoulder joints. Just wanted your opinion. Thank you.

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  14. @94trab this will drain you, trust me. it’s all you need for the day. then
    hit weights the next day. And yes, that sprint example you gave is enough.
    It’s not about duration, it’s about intensity

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  18. Matthew Gallant

    hey brad I’ve cut gluten and pasteurized dairy out of my diet, what are
    your suggestions for a pre-workout meal?

  19. Yo Brad.. Just tried incline sprints out today.. Man that shit is hard! I
    did 30 sec sprints with 3 mins of rest.. 1 set of 4 sprints, then jogged
    home… Awesome sunday workout! <3

  20. EveryWeatherRun

    AWESOME WO!!! I love these kinds of workouts and as a runner this one is
    just perfect. Thank you!

  21. Brad, I think you vastly overestimated the distance. According to the
    website GeoDistance your first full sprint would have only been about 115m
    not 400m. A couple of weeks back I did 360m (the hill’s max length) for the
    first sprint and went down in 90m decrements. It really hits your body hard
    and fast. I think a lot of people underestimate how quickly hill sprints
    exhaust you.

  22. Laurens Johansen

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  23. @MattewGallant nice work. go search my channel for my latest “pre-workout
    meal” video

  24. Hey Brad, I have a question for you! Is this workout enough for cardio? I
    mean, do I need to do some other form of cardio/ exercise on the same day
    as well as the hill sprints? Also, are 4 sets of HIITs (like sprinting on
    for 10 seconds, and resting for 30, then repeating 4 times) enough for a
    cardio day if I want to lose weight and build muscle? Thanks in advance,
    and great video! 🙂

  25. ididnotwritethis

    brad could you make a super model chest workout?? cos i want a manly chest
    that i big flat and defined not like some body builders who look like they
    have boobs. Thanks!!

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