Best Protein Shakes To Build Muscle???

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50 thoughts on “Best Protein Shakes To Build Muscle???”

  1. Brand and quality of protein definitely matter. Some protein brands are
    better than others.

  2. that protein is rly good, got 8 grams of bcaa 60g of protein per serving,
    it got calcium, iron lots of good stuff in body fortress whey 🙂 it cost
    online like 18$ but it taste awesome and it gives you the things you need

  3. TheBBallEnthusiast

    Hey Chris, if you didn’t know this, Optimum Nutrition’s 5lb Whey protein is
    cheaper by the serving ($.73) as compared to Body Fortress ($.76) and it
    has a lot less carbs if you’re looking to cut.

  4. There are many company’s online that you could go to or search for bulk
    protein at amazon. Always look at the cost per pound,I’m fortunate enough
    to have a local gym that sells a quality whey protein that tastes great
    and has 87 servings for 35 bucks.My routine is fairly simple,I just focus
    on 210 plus grams of protein a day and really don’t worry about my caloric
    intake and it works for me, since I want to put on muscle weight not fat

  5. That’s why they invented korbolyn you fucking idiot and yes you do need
    sugar if your on insulin you retard have fun killing yourself and yes I’m a
    trainer best of luck to you guys hahah

  6. You think your saving money do the math you dumbass your paying 15 dollars
    and wasting your gas and going to a dirty ass walmart. Your paying for 2
    pounds and each serving is like 2 to 4 scoops that’s only 18 servings for
    15 on amazon I get 74 servings for 41 dollars free shipping and 100 percent
    gold whey. Have you ever heard the term you pay for what you get.

  7. darksidevader96

    How the fuck can anyone make claims about protein when you don’t even know
    shit about it. Buying cheap shit and drinking it doesn’t make you an
    expert. Quit making videos just to flap your gums brA

  8. Look how much sugar the protein your buying has you dumbass this dude is a
    joke buying body fortress I remember when I first bought protein in 9th
    grade lol

  9. like and suscribe, done. thnaks a lot for this video Bro ill stop lossing
    sleep on how to get the money to buy the most expensive brand and just
    focus on giving my best on ech rep.

  10. marioneta mitch

    i like your “shopping with chris” videos man….make one of what to buy to
    build muscle

  11. damn chris your one poltie nigger man just being nice to that random fat
    women who probabbly thinks ur a no good nigger

  12. Achillius Boone

    Oleg…wtf do you look like? I think I’ll take the advice from a beast ass
    nigga like Chris…not some weak ass anorexic btch hiding behind a computer
    talking shit….

  13. Thank you man ,, this is the truth,,, whatever the protein (type or amount)
    will you take your body absorption will determine how much it will take

  14. Yo yo… Awesome vid. My bro was formerly a flabby. He reworked himself
    from 279lbs of pure fat into 205lbs of full-strength muscle mass. We think
    it is stunning! I just joined personally coz I wanna beef up. He used the
    Muscle Building Bible (Search on Google)…

  15. i change my mind but still u just can go and get all kind of proteinz tho
    go with something quality

  16. Christopher Roper

    Fuck planet fitness, i’d rather workout at home using bodyweight exercises.
    e.g. push up, air squats, lunges. not only will that build up a solid
    foundation of strength to when you go to a gym, albeit planet fitness or a
    PROPER GYM. It’ll develop stabilization that the machines dont provide

  17. My local gym has 10 dollar a month deals periodically through the year. So
    it really is no excuse to go there for the people in my area. I’ve been on
    the 10 a month plan for a REAL gym since I started. Lucky me

  18. hell no just do what I did, ask for shit tons of money during Christmas and
    build up your own home gym, mine is worth like 600 bucks and I can really
    do anything, squat rack, bench press, deadlift, pull ups, dumbbells that
    can be changed from 5 lbs to 100 lbs each hand everything, granted it’s
    pretty cheap stuff but durable and gets the job done

  19. chaoticgrapefruit

    Dude, you don’t fit the ”Muscle Man” stereotype dude who just yells about

  20. Not that it matters at all, but I can’t tell if you’re really tan or
    actually brown.

  21. Set of powerblocks, fid bench and a lat machine. Planet fitness color
    scheme is testosterone fleeting.

  22. I would also advise checking out some “low tech” training on YouTube. There
    are some really good guys out there (Elliot included of course) who have
    channels dedicated to making and training with restrictions on budget,
    room, or other parameters. Ross Enamait is a really good one that I enjoy.
    He has a website and YouTube called Ross training where he shows how to
    make a lot of equipment for low cost and train effectively with them.

  23. Foolish man builds a house on sand. Wise man builds a house on a strong

    Great advice, man. Articulate outlook. Keep up the videos.

  24. Joseph Dragunov

    You can get to a certain level there, but eventually you want a rack at
    home, or to move to another gym. You’ll want it enough by then anyway.

  25. I know its an older vid, but I just found it and I’m glad I did, PF is the
    only gym withing 30 miles of where I live so that’s where I go, thanks for
    the info

  26. I go to planet fitness and I get all kinds of gains. I eat my 6-8 meals a
    day and go to pf twice a day! Yeah it’s a pussy gym with its pussy ass
    rules BUT who cares? I’ve been to golds, quads and ballys. If you’re there
    to work out then work out and stfu!! 

  27. Planet Fitness near me has benches/barbells with plenty of plates. Elliot
    is spot on too, nobody wants to be there so the benches are ALWAYS open. I
    keep my membership for the cable machines / cardio equipment and it’s
    always nice to grab a free piece of pizza or use the massage chairs.

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