Best Pregnancy Workout at Home

Best Pregnancy Workout at Home Best pregnancy workout at home or at the gym. Perfect for 1st or 2nd trimester. Workout at your own pace and try to keep your heart rate at or below around 130 if you can:).
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  1. Milkaholicable

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  2. Thank you for this wonderful video!!! I was looking for exercises that would not make me feel that I had to completely go on the low-key because of pregnancy 🙂

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  6. Um, yea. There are a lot of no-no’s on this one. Your not supposed to ever twist at your waist (as she did with the bar) in any trimester due to risk of miscarriage. Other than that, great job-ish.

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  8. freedomfitness

    I would say that you could do it 2-3 times a week. Try to supplement it with other “pregnancy safe” activities like walking and swimming.

  9. kylaandcollin

    Thanks so much! I found out I was preggos about 3 weeks ago and i stopped working out with my personal trainer…I’ve been laying in bed every since and today I realized life shouldn’t stop and my working out should continue…I will be looking forward to working out to your videos!

  10. irradiatedkitty

    The only issues I have with this routine are that any exercise on your back is discouraged after the first trimester and twisting exercises are generally discouraged throughout pregnancy. But up until the end the exercises were decent.

  11. whisperSparkles

    You would need to be very fit to do these exercises whilst pregnant. They are certainely not for every pregnant lady and you could strain yourself with the way you become much looser whilst pregnant. Ladies that are not very fit should not attempt any of these when pregnant! Simply walking or swimming will do. I know if I were to do these, my pelvis would be in agony the next day.

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  13. this was a some just what i need im 13 weeks and this is what im going to do love it keep it up you guys are so cute together.

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