Best of Weightlifting “Russia vs. Iran” – 2013

Best of  Weightlifting

Olympic Weightlifting, Men +105 kg.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 thoughts on “Best of Weightlifting “Russia vs. Iran” – 2013”

  1. Jose Martin Lopez Neri

    I didn’t use to appreciate this sport, but ever since I started practicing
    crossfit I have come to appreciate the beauty and technique needed to
    perform these lifts plus the brute force also required, bravo to these

  2. Russia and Iran- two of my favorite countries in the whole wide world.
    Also, Iran is about much more than just the religion. Just enjoy the video.
    Fuck the haters!

  3. Russians beat Muslims my ass. Abegov is older than salimi and is lighter. I
    would give it a couple more years than see who wins

  4. +animosityjrc The Sinclair coefficient has nothing to do with the final
    outcome of the result, only when 2 ends up at the same result the person
    with the lightest bw wins. Both albegov and Anoushiravani had better
    sinclair coefficients at the olympics but did not win. The
    superheavyweights is all about absolute strength, bodyweight is irrelevant.
    As someone said: Albegov needed a few kilos to take the gold, nobody stops
    him from gaining 20kg bw to be able to lift those to take it, but it is
    easier said than done.

  5. Pretty sad when people watch a vid of many great performances and have to
    bring a political stance into it. Great post!

  6. I would like to share what “Rodger Dodger” wrote below:
    Roger Dodger
    3 days ago

    Why is this impressive? They’re fat. People in crossfit weigh half their
    weight and are throwing up more impressive weights

    This guy needs to leave now. Holy. Clean it up kid.

  7. Impedancenetwork

    I’m with Jose Martin Lopez below. I thought weight lifting was boring,
    until I started doing Crossfit. Now I have the utmost respect for these
    guys. The snatch is absolutely beautiful to watch. People have no idea
    how hard it is to get in a deep squat (ass to the grass) with hundreds of
    pounds overhead. Total respect now that I do these same movements in

  8. Iranian people are not all muslim and bullshit salimi can left more kg then
    that russian 

  9. Марат Цаллагов

    Iron vs Iran Осетины(Иронцы) и Иранцы родственники

  10. Yeah man, it’s like I said much earlier, Salimi has a better snatch.
    There’s obviously no question about that. Plus he has the world record. My
    only point in the beginning is that strength is relative, not absolute.
    That’s what I was trying to point out to Scrob Rob in the first place. It’s
    easy to look at the number and forget about bodyweight, that’s all. Scrob
    Rob said that Albegov is “not even close” but that’s not true, when you
    factor in the Sinclair Coefficient.

  11. Yeah my bad, I meant Paris. But who cares? Where or when…the fact of the
    matter is, is that Behdad salimi has the worldrecord of snatch on his name
    214. And what are you saying? “Only 5 kilo aways” Are you mad? You know how
    different each kilo can make? Let alone “Only 5 kilo’s away” So why cant
    this russian guy fix “only 5 kilo” extra if that is soo easy ?

  12. WhalehunterMarcus

    This is a +105 category, so nobody forbids Albegov bulking up to 200kgs so
    that he can snatch 250, nobody cares about strength per pound, this is not

  13. Olympic weightlifting is all about kg lifted per kg of bodyweight, that’s
    the point of weight classes. Look up the Sinclair Coefficient. If Albegov
    snatches the same as Salimi, like they did at the Olympics, Albegov wins
    because he weighs less. Hence why lifters cut weight for competition
    because they DO care about weight.

  14. Salimi didn’t snatch 214 in the Olympics. He snatched 208kg, the same as
    Albegov. Albegov snatched 209 in the world championships a couple of weeks
    ago. That’s only 5kg away. Salimi snatched 214 at the world championships
    in Paris in 2011.

  15. Albegov is from southern Russia i.e. North of Iran, he could be Ossetian
    which is an Iranian ethnic group living in Russia, which would explain the
    similar looks .. kinda

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  18. trentonexcavation

    this guy is massive and strong as hell but he hasnt got his biceps in
    proportion at all i mean if he wants to be a bodybuilder pro i would say
    thats important

  19. @llmtxin yes I agree cant even believe it. you can make your workout
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  20. @Brom476 It is true he could be shredded while building, but they are
    stronger when they have more fat and alot more carbs in there diet and
    body. That is why ALL bodybuilder go up like 25pounds of fat during

  21. dude can you please come to north carolina and help me train???? im still
    in high school and maxed out at 275 and i wanna get 315 before i leave high
    school, im a senior right now

  22. You people putting him down got to be kidding me. That’s 4 plates on each
    side on an incline bench for reps. I don’t think…no i know no one hear
    can go near that.

  23. Actually you all commenters are jealous of him. You all should be looking
    under 100 pounds and you may never have gone to gym. Just like me!

  24. @stanzi0ne Bullshit it does. You’re obviously one of these dipshits that
    think the 5kgs they have gained in a month is all muscle. Btw you stupid
    fuck, I never said it doesn’t work. I said it’s been mistranslated by fat
    fucks to mean that they should eat a ton of crap. Eating more calories than
    you burn wont build muscle. It will build fat. Bulking and cutting is about
    the exercises you choose, not the food you eat. Numbnuts.

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