Best Homemade Pre Workout Shake Recipe! How To Build MUSCLE MASS fast (Big Brandon Carter)

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25 thoughts on “Best Homemade Pre Workout Shake Recipe! How To Build MUSCLE MASS fast (Big Brandon Carter)”

  1. Landon Harrington

    what about mixing calisthenics and weightlifting in the same workout
    hardcore 50/50 split???

  2. EnormityOfficial

    Mix all ingredients without water first, then add water and mix again. Shit
    will be fluid and still won’t stick. guaranteed!

  3. DroppingTheDeuce

    The only problem with creatine and whey protein powder is that shit’s bad
    for your kidneys so if you don’t drink a shit ton of water, your kidneys
    will take a hit

  4. creatine and caffeine combined ? the two are essentially working against
    each other. creatine makes you retain water while caffeine, a diuretic,
    makes your body lose water..

  5. This dude is really content with making every other video in the world
    except for abs n calves…yo Brandon……STOP BULLSHITTING

  6. Caffeine is a very common in pre-workout shakes. However if you have
    trouble sleeping at night, you might want to limit the amount to less than
    two spoons. Sleeping or lack of it effects muscle growth as well. Overall
    this is good information which the supplement companies don’t like because
    they want to sell you an expensive pre-workout.

  7. Carlos Guerrero

    You can put those two tablespoons of coconut oil in a little cup or shot
    glass and put it in the microwave like 10 seconds until it melts, then put
    it in the shake, that way it mixes well.

  8. I mix mine with a Ninja blender. The coconut oil will mix after like a
    minute. I just mix it for 20 secs and let sit then mix it again. after 3 or
    for times it’ll start mixing up good.

  9. Hey if you mixed half of that with skim milk instead off all water it would
    probably mix well. And you get some extra calories too. Also, I didn’t know
    that about the coconut oil, I wouldn’t have usually had fat pre workout…

  10. Is it me or did you just say that ON Gold standard is CHEAP. ? You must be
    kidding… That exact case of protein, the exact same weight, cost 55€ over
    here, which is around 75$. That ain’t cheap.

  11. Hey Brandon, I have a home made pre work out drink that I make by steeping
    1 or 2 green tea bags in cold water for 5-10 min and then I drop a berrocca
    tablet in and let it dissolve with some creatine, then gulp it down 10 min
    before my work out, it keeps me pretty focused. Give it a go

  12. You should drink the coconut oil with your instant coffee in hot water so
    it dissolves better and take your shake separately.. Just a heads up
    because oil stays hard in room to cold temperature but liquefies in hot
    water. I put it in my green tea and drink it before drink my shake or you
    can mix that instant coffee and coconut oil in hot water drink that and
    then drink your shake.. Up to you though. Just a heads up though. peace

  13. Thanks Brandon your a great Motivator and your tips are very Helpful bro
    thanks for keeping it Real Seen. Peace Health Before Wealth. MAXx in NYC

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