BEST Exercises For LOWER Chest Development (Gym WorkOut To Build Muscle)

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25 thoughts on “BEST Exercises For LOWER Chest Development (Gym WorkOut To Build Muscle)”

  1. NotEvenDeathCanSaveU

    i think that this guy (or girl) is just compensating his sexappeal lose
    with bodybuilding.. (ofc i mean his hair)

  2. I need help, i do chest for twice a week cause i have a condition called
    pectus carinatum. Right now i do upper to lower on those 2 days. I’m
    starting to think of doing upper and mid chest on the first day and mid
    chest and lower chest on the second day. Is that a good idea? Any help
    would be much appreciated! 

  3. Luke Constantino

    Very up beat… Love the outtakes at the end… Keeping it real, lol! 

  4. I came here with the intention to learn and now im leaving coz the
    presenter left me confused.

  5. Ashley Withanage

    To people who want to build muscle eventually. Copy and Paste Into Google
    Ready Set Ripped to find out more.

  6. nelson salinas

    hey nice video ill be sure to try it those exercises theres two things im
    having trouble with one is keeping myself motivated to work out, and the
    second is burning body fat what can i do to burn more body fat and keep
    myself motivated id really like 2 hear from you

  7. I starting working out seroously about a month ago so this is helpful

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