Best Exercise to Lose Weight this Holiday Season

The Best body weight exercise to lose weight this HOLIDAY is Sprawl and Jump .Its effective because 1) Its a complete body exercise 2) You do not need any gym equipment to perform this exercise 3) You can do this exercise any time and anywhere. Just do this exercises for 5minutes everyday and you are all sorted for the rest of the day. Follow me on facebook- Follow me on twitter- Check out my website

24 thoughts on “Best Exercise to Lose Weight this Holiday Season”

    1. I love working out my arms! My legs have aalwys been stronger than my arms, and so I tried to balance that out with extra workouts in the upper body. I’ll have to keep this is mind for after the baby is born. For now the doctor wants me to do only light exercising, and it’s making me itch for more.

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  2. monkeydude106

    Burpees even more insane, especially when people like me add in mountain climbers, and push- ups. Great workout just started today.

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  5. LilChocolatier

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  6. Xcellfitnessindia

    Hey man,yes if your goal is to lose fat then you should. But don’t eliminate protein completely on rest day as your body needs protein constantly to build & recover muscles tissue. Here is what i recommend,keep your protein intake anywhere from 2 – 2.5 grams per of kg your body weight on workout days and reduce it to 1. 5 grams on non workout days.Following this zig zag approach will always keep your body in a constant state of shock thereby making the fat loss process much more easier ..raghav

  7. sindicatpmarad

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  8. hey i have a question say u work out monday-friday and saturday and sundays are your days off do you still have to put in 1-2g of protein in your body on your days off as well?

  9. Just curious but how long do you think it will take to lose around 10 pounds? And does this need any sought of diet? 🙂 

  10. classiefgansk

    @drunkcoffe i agree together with you. i took his help and advice too and it genuinely is effective! it did require a little while to discover the changes but it surely was definitely worth it. sure the video clip i came across is here


  11. Xcellfitnessindia

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