Best Excuses For Not Working Out

Stop making excuses! Click here to start getting the ripped body you want: What’s up guys, Today we have a HILARIOUS video w…
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25 thoughts on “Best Excuses For Not Working Out”

  1. Ashton Meyer Independent Beachbody Coach

    I laughed, this is really great! #1 on reason why people don’t achieve
    their goals in life EXCUSES!

  2. I thought to myself, gym opens at 10am, its too late already, im going to
    gym tomorrow. But after this video, fukc it, im going to the gym today. I
    mean, NOW!

  3. Mike Chang You Better than Pewdiepie Fuck this motherfucker and this
    fucking broarmy of 10 year rage kids you the king on youtube 

  4. I loved when he talked about “really giving it to her” at 1:30 to ten
    seconds after! LMFAO!!! I had to watch it twice!

  5. LOL…. “You know what…..I RIPPED MY HAMSTRINGS”(he grabs his bruised up
    hammy) That was great…

  6. Gabriel Montelongo

    I dont like to get sweaty cough cough pussy haha
    She may say that now but when you get strong and your really giving it to
    her oh man i almost dropped my water lol

  7. Oh my god, this is too funny. In all seriousness yes, you should always
    make time every day for a workout. Make it your goal to sweat at least once
    a day, or don’t go more than two days without exercise. But this is
    absolutely amazing! :’D so funny! 

  8. Amritpal Galsin

    Normal guy: I’m already a healthy person.

    Bodybuilder: you can be even healthier if you start working out now! 

  9. Danihelus Crosby

    A lot of those were pretty relatable, while this guy may run his ads as
    much as Nintendo milks their prized heifer (AKA Mario), this was a pretty
    funny and good video from him. :D

  10. 1:18 – So why does one of your ads say: “Why does Mike Chang refuse to work
    out unless he’s on Afterburn Fuel?”

  11. duminda deshapriya

    It would be a shame for you not to bulk up when these ordinary people do it
    so easily using Muscle Maker Method (check it out on Google).

  12. ”Once I’ll go to the gym, I won’t be able to stop” That is so true. I
    procrastinated for 4 months, and then went for the first time with my
    friends. 4 months later, I wish I had started before i had the chance to
    procrastinate. I run 3km before every workout, I workour 4 times a week and
    now I feel great. Not necisarrily ”buff” yet, but I think I’m doing
    alright for a 17 year old who has been a slob for most of his life..

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