Best Abs Workout | Ab Workout for Women at Home No Equipment

Best Abs Workout | Ab Workout for Women at Home No Equipment

Abs abs abs abs! What girl doesn’t want them? 😉 Today we’re bringing you the BEST abs workout for women as part of this week’s Workout Wednesday. No equipment needed! Please subscribe to…
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The top 4 medicine ball Abdominal routine is shown in this video. They include a chest pass, rotational twists, and overhead throw. By keeping your abs and core strong and tight while doing…

12 thoughts on “Best Abs Workout | Ab Workout for Women at Home No Equipment”

  1. Yep, if you have a sensitive tailbone, or are on a harder surface.
    Otherwise, sometimes it is harder with a pad because it creates an uneven
    surface. And if your balance is not good to begin with than it will make it
    even more challenging! Hope this helps!

  2. How would I use this in a workout? Could you post some ideas for full
    workouts that string some of your stuff together?

  3. Medicine ball Ab routines can be done at the end of your workout. But they
    are great to include into your workout. This is especially good when you
    are circuit training or moving through stations. This could be one station.
    Workouts like that keep you moving and burning more calories than just
    staying at one station and completing all reps and sets before you move on.
    I will try to post a full circuit workout, thanks for watching!

  4. yeah exactly, it needs training to get that perfect balance while moving
    your upper body part. but hey that’s the fun thing about, it shouldn’t be
    to easy lol

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  6. yep i know, its really tough, but you want to keep your legs and body from
    moving during the twist. But also you are putting a lot of torque into the
    twist which will make your body move just a little. You can also just put
    your feet on the wall to not let them move. Thanks for watching!

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