Best Abdominal Exercise For Ripped Abs & Nutrition Tips

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Angela Parker from Body Inspired Fitness demonstrates reverse crunches to strengthen and flatten your core & lower abdominal muscles. This move becomes more …
Video Rating: 5 / 5

29 thoughts on “Best Abdominal Exercise For Ripped Abs & Nutrition Tips”

  1. Great excercise man! I’m gonna have to try that one and implement it into
    my repetoire. That’s a very useful, everyday strength, excercise right
    there and can be very useful. Thank you for your input!

  2. DiabloComanche

    i’ve been doing crunches and sit ups for years but i have very few results
    any further advice

  3. thank you! im gonna try this too. do you know any excercise to really
    target love handles?? coz my stomach is pretty flat but just the love
    handle area is too much than i want. Please let me know if ya got any info
    for that. Thanks!

  4. musclesofloves

    you’re hot, impressive body, there’s no reason to believe you, evidence is

  5. CUT FAT – doesn’t matter how many twists, raises, crucnhes or whatever it
    is that you do. your “six-pack” wont show if theres still too much fat
    covering ur abdomen

  6. DiabloComanche

    good advice, i have about a 4 pack when i flex so i’ll defenitely try it out

  7. Jamesy TheReDevil

    cool idea but y do u do with it a t shirt on? i wanna see what the benifits

  8. for the people that say this isn’t good for the lower back…well you
    simply have a weak back and need to strenghen it with
    hyperextensions…good mornings….because having strong abs aids your
    lower back

  9. Mohammed Joraid

    Hey, this is the first comment u get on this vid, lol liked the turquoise
    btw and nice exercise

  10. SavageBunnyGirl

    I definitely need to strengthen my core after nearly two years of sitting
    jobs, but when I tighten my lower abs, I immediately begin cramping up
    horribly. 🙁 Strangely enough, it’s never my spine that actually hurts, but
    my lower back muscles which feel as if they perpetually need stretching…

  11. Dude its not fair how hot and sexy she is…*sniff sniff* it hurts to look
    at her…lmao jk good video I’m going to try this out

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