Best Ab Workouts For Men How To Lose Belly Fat For Men How To Get A Six Pack Abs

This workouts are the hardest Ab Workouts. If it wasn’t hard, everyone would do it. The hard is what makes it great. Do it at least once a day and share your…
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Manny Pacquiao Complete AB Workout DAY 4 US, 4/7/11.

49 thoughts on “Best Ab Workouts For Men How To Lose Belly Fat For Men How To Get A Six Pack Abs”

  1. Like this If this video helped to you get Abs quickly and also helped to
    changed your life.

  2. i do this exercise every sunday tuesday and friday. its been 3 weeks and im
    losing weight and got my 6 pack showing :)

  3. Brandon De Rosales

    Um problem in America is that mostly kids don’t do much outdoor activity
    (just saying)

  4. This dude wants to kill me…..I am so constipated, with all efforts I do
    in the bathroom Im pretty sure I will get a six pack from here to a

  5. Yeah man. Also eat healthier and do more than just this workout, such as
    cardio ( running, swimming). And try not to acknowledge the bullying, act
    bored around it, don’t ignore it but just don’t respond to it emotionally.
    Good luck

  6. That was a killer workout. I use to do similar sets when I was to box. I
    counted 123,1 123,2 , 123, 3 until i hit 50. But you just took it to
    another level. I was hurting just watching it.

  7. Thanks for the video, I’m .7 bmi away from being able to go to meps to be
    in the Air Force or navy and needed ab workouts because the recruiters
    wanted me to do ab workouts as well as my running. Amazing guy kept the
    video interesting 

  8. I’m gonna try doing this every day or every other day for a few weeks and
    see results. I keep people filling in by replying to this comment! Seems
    fun and pretty tough so far, I like it!

  9. *Each one of your meals should include a protein source, a fat source and
    low-carb vegetables. Constructing your meals in this way will automatically
    bring your carb intake into the recommended range of 20-50 grams per day.*

  10. To build six pack abs, you do not need any kind of hard diet program or
    working on the tough workouts, you can do it simpler than you think. The
    secret is consuming the right foods & doing the right workouts

  11. this was the most difficult ab workout i have ever done. i could barley

  12. I thought it was great that you said don’t try to do a certain amount of
    reps, because you are more focused on the reps rather than how well you are
    doing the workout. 

  13. So I just started doing this im not that fat but damn this got me sweating
    mad crazy if anyone have done this more than a month how long until you
    start seeing results??

  14. My faultline is the food, you could look like your fuckin cut out of stone
    but it all comes down to you pretty much living on water, chicken and
    vegetables. Fucking boring life if you ask me :P

  15. great video, I’ll give it a try. I’ve done most of this but the “circle
    exercise” and the mountain climbing I’m new in this. Thanks

  16. Thx , an ive been doing this workout for 4 months now plus ive been doing
    weights and a heap of cardio. I used to be pretty chybby but now i have a 6
    pack pack not much fat and feeling awesome.

  17. dude…am I the only one having trouble with the iron butterfly part? I
    mean if I lean back too much, I just can;t bring my torso and my legs
    together…I ‘d like to mention that I did abs before, so don’t say that my
    abs just can’t take it…

  18. I’m 17 and very skinny. I don’t want to lose body fat. I want to lose ONLY
    ab fat and build muscle. Should I so this?

  19. Mayweather_Retires_Undefeated

    He doesn’t even look fazed by that work out. He’s obviously doing like 5
    more hours of other stuff too during training.

  20. This ab routine is brutal, I changed my routine to this one, but I add in
    ab wheels and a rolling ab countdown at the end.

  21. I tried to do it at his pace.. Then just slowed down rest of the way.. This
    was brutal.. Its like the Insanity DVD but just your abs. 

  22. Oh Manny! you are so estupid, please tell your trainer Phreddie to let you
    spar me, he keep you avay Phrom me since 2003. You don’t remember? Still
    waiting for you to see that a nobody can be a champion since July 1st 2008.

  23. Guys trust me, just do abs workout 3-4 timer per day with 5-10 minutes and
    you”ll feel the result. Im doings abs workout already 3 week and now when
    i touch my body it’s more stronger than before !

  24. At first I felt so much pain in my abs….now I make it a habit to do this
    routinely everyday so it doesn’t hurt anymore.

  25. Watching this makes me realise why successful people are successful. I just
    don’t have the work ethic.

  26. Omfg this workout is intense. I’m only 11 but this is so worth it. I’m
    gonna do it twice a Day until I get the results I want! I have to say I’m
    only doing 20 of everything instead of 50 but I’m gonna work little by
    little to get to 50! Great video and thanks

  27. I seen people saying work on abs 25 minutes a day. That is silly. Do
    something like this for 10 minutes every other day and your abs will be
    just fine. Your abs can’t get bigger and stronger without resting them.
    If you work abs 25 minutes a day they will never grow without rest.

  28. I am currently starting a 3 minute workout on my abs to build up to this. I
    tried this for the first time this morning and about died. Got to lose my
    stomach, i figure I will move on to this next month. Great workout though

  29. It must feel weird: doing your thing and there’s about 10 people standing
    around watching your every move aha.

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    on google have a look)? Ive read some amazing feedback about it and my BF
    achieved good results with it. 

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