Best Ab Workout Circuit by Tone It Up

Best ab workout circuit from Katrina and Karena at Toneitupcom. Visit and workout with Fitness Models Ab Workout. Add us on Face…
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25 thoughts on “Best Ab Workout Circuit by Tone It Up”

  1. I know this is almost 4 years old, but I love this ab workout . It is
    always my go to, its quick and intense!

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  3. This is great! I’m glad you are inspiring people to get off the couch and
    get in shape. These exercises can really help to build your core ab
    muscles, but sometimes that isn’t enough to actually see your six pack.
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  4. I have seen a hundred workout videos on here and this is the best. I just
    had a meal and I can’t wait to do the routines in your videos. 🙂 I’m just
    glad to see some real girls working out unlike those vids who only seem to
    wanna show off their booties and boobies making it look cheap lol you girls
    are awesome! Thanks for all the videos.

  5. courtney seymour

    usually with a good diet, and constant exercise, you should start to see
    results in a about a month or 2. but its takes a long time to get abs. so
    would have to make a part of your daily routine, and not just for a month
    or so.

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    quick way to build muscle fast.

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  8. this barely works my ab, if i did 20 reps each move instead, would that be
    a good switch and if I held the plank longer?

  9. SmartWaterAddictx

    This hurts so bad ugh I got about halfway through and stopped. I have no ab
    strength hahah

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