Benefits of Olympic Weightlifting in MMA

Dan Robitaille was Julie Malenfants Olympic Weightlifting coach. Once julie perfected Weightlifting she was able to obtain 4 spots on 4 different national te…
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4 thoughts on “Benefits of Olympic Weightlifting in MMA”

  1. Julie Malenfant

    Wow thats weird lol That you just said that…Valerie Letourneau trains
    with him and her daughter sat on my lap and said all of a sudden……YOU

  2. Julie Malenfant

    OMG His team mate says that…Valerie Letourneau’s little daughter said you
    are GEORGE but you are a GIRL lol

  3. Julie Malenfant

    I know….I do look like him some of his team mates has said that….Good
    observation…lol I was just thinking about that lol

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