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21 thoughts on “BELLY DANCE WORKOUT – WIN MUSIC! Hip Camel Drills”

  1. Thank you for your answer, in fact I began to belly dance, because my doctor told me 5 years ago: you have to take classes of ballet or belly dance and your back will be fine. It’s getting better every year. XD greetings keep on dancing!

  2. mybellydanceworkout

    Thank you! Listen to your body, and don’t do movements that are hurting. Workouts and dance should be fun and improve your health, strength and flexibility. When you experience pain, you stress your body and create tensions that are hard to resolve later in your life.

  3. BohemianBrown

    I just started a little over a month ago! I’ve always been intrigued and wanted to learn belly dancing. It’s a great form of expression. There’s so much unity with belly dancing. There are many different styles, but the basics are universal and it goes beyond language, culture or geographical location.

  4. I’ve been dancing since a long time ago, and the camels are painful for me because my back is very curvy, it’s a little weird XD, but your technique is very clean and helpful I love it!

  5. awdreamer2012

    I have always been interested in belly-dancing, but I didn’t start training until about a week ago with your videos. I started because I love how sensual and beautiful it looks. It’s a lot of fun!

  6. Beautiful! I love your videos. I can’t stop practicing because I want to be flexible and elegant as you! I started practicing belly dancing 4 months ago and feeling good about my body and health each day! Thank you Coco keep up the good work!

  7. Great Video. I started belly dance in 2009 beause of the music and costumes and it’s good execercise. It has helped my body shape and help me discover my femininity.

  8. you move with beautiful ease! i started to search for the secrets to this dance early this year after reading from the Arabian Nights; the story of slave girl Morgiana dance who defends alibaba from the assassin rober captain is my inspiration (c;

  9. mybellydanceworkout

    Congratulations! You have just won the CD! I’ll contact you personally!

  10. mybellydanceworkout

    Great!! That’s why I started my channel: to make Bellydance easy accessible all over the world 🙂

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