Beginners Abs & Butt Workout

Beginners Abs & Butt Workout

Working out with friends is fun! So today I’m doing a friendly butt lifting, ab sculpting sesh with my friend Ro from Nerdy Nummies! Also, please subscribe to my awesomely cute and bubbly…
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Relax and flow through a highly-efficient men’s Pilates workout. The reformer is a great foundation for fitness, body restoration, as well as a great tool for athletes on a recovery day.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

27 thoughts on “Beginners Abs & Butt Workout”

  1. Is it just me or everytime Cassey says “10 more!” or any number in
    particular, I immediately get my strength back even though I’m dying during
    the work out? 

  2. I’m so so glad Cassey made a workout for beginners 2.0, the first beginners
    calendar had so many old videos, I’m loving these new one!

  3. I have just done this excersise and I just died omfg. My goal this year is
    to do this excersise without any trouble. Wish me luck. #feelgreatthough

  4. Danica Santana

    Rosanna was the perfect representation of what we’re going through while
    doing blogilates.

  5. Finished day 5 of the beginners calender 2.0! I always used to start the
    other beginners calender, but only end up doing about 3 days of it, but
    this time I am going to stick to this, and hopefully next month I can do
    the normal monthly calender, cant wait! Im also doing the 30 day ab

  6. yashmita arora

    I just love how Ro isn’t a professional and she still tries and does
    amazingly! Really motivational for me to just keep going! 🙂 

  7. Is anyone else’s legs like super sore for this month’s calendar?! My butt
    and the back of my thighs hurt HEAPS! 

  8. Andreza Coronel

    Day 5 – Done! I’m just having so many problems with my breathing, sometimes
    I inhale when I’m supposed to exhale, and I just die trying to keep my
    bellybutton in… ugh :/ but I’ll just keep on trying to get better at it,
    I can’t give up now!

  9. I appreciate seeing the friend struggle. It normalizes how I’m not the only
    person struggling with a beginners workout lol.

  10. I cant talk while doing any exercises, I find them incredibly distracting,
    especially if im trying to focus on breathing and doing the exercise ….

  11. fitnessbeautytruths

    My mum is 5″3 and 210lbs, i made her do this workout. And…. as she was
    rolling down on to the mat to do the fist exercise she screamed…… and
    never did pilaties again. She hates her body, and i keep trying to help her
    with weight loss but she quits at the first hurdle. Help!

  12. Hi everyone, I looked like “barrel boy” with no definition and a bonafide
    gut last year. I’m down from 24% body fat to 7.4% bodyfat currently!

  13. for those who tried this out, do you do this everyday, 1 time every week,
    mix it with another workout..? I’m doing the 30 day squat challenge, can I
    mix this and other workouts and rest only in the challenge rest days
    (workout every 3 days and rest 1 day, then repeat)?

  14. Cassie i totally love Rosana she is adorable and relatable, i actually love
    baking and it does go to my muffin lol, so ur videos save me all the time i
    bake cheese cakes, trifles, brownies (caramel) mmmmmmm. Lol i love u

  15. simplysarah614

    Love watching these videos ft a guest…makes me feel like I’m not the only
    one who struggles

  16. Pilates 4 men, on the original reformer! basic to more advanced moves at
    the end…

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