KETTLEBELL HOME WORKOUT – BEGINNER Perform 2-3 sets of each exercise with 30 second rest between sets KB Around the Body – 10/10 reps KB Around the Head – 10/10 reps KB Standing Pullovers – 10 reps KB Catcher Squat (low) – 10 reps KB Alternate Bottoms Up – 10/10 reps NOTE:10/10 means 10 reps one way and then 10 reps the opposite way Gals start with 8kg or 12kg Guys start with 16kg or 20kg This workout targets – Quads, Gluteus, Hip Flexors, Shoulders, Biceps, Triceps, Core Muscles, Hip flexors, gluteus, core, forearm, hands, Shoulder, chest and traps GET YOUR FREE WORKOUT AND NUTRITION PROGRAMS FREE 4 WEEK BODYWEIGHT WORKOUT PROGRAM: 4 WEEK SPARTAN TRAINING SYSTEM PROGRAM: MMA KETTLEBELL WORKOUT PROGRAM – WOMENS 4 WEEK FAT LOSS AND NUTRITION PROGRAM 25 DAY RIPPED ABS CHALLENGE – http FUNK FITNESS WEBSITES FUNK ROBERTS FITNESS BLOG MMA STRENGTH AND CONDITIONING WORKOUTS http SOCIAL MEDIA YOUTUBE SUBSCRIBE: TWITTER: @FUNKROBERTSFIT FACEBOOK: PRODUCTS INCREASE YOUR VERTICAL IN 6 WEEKS WITH FUNK JUMP TRAINING PROGRAM FUNK GYMBOSS TIMER
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