Bebot – The Black Eyed Peas (Dance Fitness with Robert DeLeon & Friends)

Like, Favorite, Subscribe, Comment, and stay tune for more videos on the GamerMixZ Fitness channel. (I DO NOT OWN the rights to this song and this video is strictly for entertainment purposes only.) Classes are held at Potter Fitness Center in Misawa, Japan at Misawa AFB. Check out my Facebook page for more information. — Was searching for a Filipino song to turn into a dance routine and sure enough found one with the help of Dewey. This hip hop routine focus on the abs so keep them engage throughout the song to feel the burn. Thanks man, so follow along, and enjoy all! Mega thanks to all that came early to film the routine and got our pre-work out groove on. Let me know what you think with feedback but also check out my Facebook page for class related news, health tips, and more

22 thoughts on “Bebot – The Black Eyed Peas (Dance Fitness with Robert DeLeon & Friends)”

  1. sana yung mga nasa likod na babae nasa harapan..mas magaling sila sa dalawang nasa unahan ..

  2. love the song, proud to be fio and anyone else catch them selves looking at the girl on the left? like alot?

  3. When I first started I just edited that portion out and clap out of it. Recently though I have keep the whole song up to that part. What I usually do is something goofy like last night from a wide stance you are in at the end I would bring my hands down across my face staying with the vocals. Then I would lean right then left on the “woohoo” and then repeat the motion again for the second time. I can get some good laughs as people stomachs are on fire at that point. Hope that helps.

  4. AngelicaNicole919

    amazing choreography! Would you mind if I took some of it for our dance performance!?(:

  5. hi i have this song but at the end its says lalalalala lala and dont know what to do for choreo for that last part any ideas thanx

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