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Never miss a workout! Today we’re playing with medicine balls, and even though Katrina gets a little aggressive, it ends up being a great workout! Click here for a printable version of this workout: Have a question for us? We’ll be around all the time, so leave a comment or video response below. We’d love to hear what you think! Since founding their company Tone It Up ( in January 2009, certified personal trainers Karena Dawn and Katrina Hodgson have opened a fitness studio in Hermosa Beach and launched a workout DVD series. They were recently called the “New Faces of Fitness” by Jane Fonda. More from Karena and Katrina: Connect with LIVESTRONG.COM Woman Explore: Like: Follow:
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23 thoughts on “Beach Ball Workout | Tone It Up Tuesdays”

  1. I have a question, have you seen this program called the Fat Blast Furnace? (Google it). My brother says it helps people melt fat.

  2. I have a question, have you thought about the Fat Blast Lifestyle? (do a google search). My uncle insists it helps people shed fat.

  3. It was sending me to an error page, but I tried it again and now it’s working for me.

  4. It bugs me when people say don’t let your knees go past your feet. -.- they don’t understand basic human mechanics if they say that. The squat is natural; it’s the stance we take when we dedicate and people you see at the gym who go lower have toned strong asses and HUGE legs. -.- basically what I’m trying to say is that it’s ok for your knee to go past your foot depending on the workout. For this video and stability reasons whatever. =P

  5. Love your workouts! Was wondering if you had or could make a lean legs workout, or toning of the thighs and knees 🙂 thanks xo

  6. Joezan shrestha

    Hi, have you seen the Fat Blast Lifestyle? (google it). My mother in law says it helps people lose pounds.

  7. LivestrongWoman

    You should try the “Love Your Legs” workout from the Tone It Ups! Just delete the spaces in the URL below:

    youtube . com / watch ? v=wvP5YYRkd6U

  8. the printable workout link is wrong it’s directing me to bikni bootcamp workout :/

  9. ClaireBrit123

    To introduce more variety into your channel maybe you could include work outs on how to GAIN weight, as in increasing body muscle… 🙂

  10. TheSparklingGypsy

    I would love to see some workouts for the “Transversus Abdominis” muscle. ive heard that when you dont workout this muscle you run the risk of developing a Squared Torso (straight up and down) instead of the Hourglass Shape. Love your Channel cant wait to see more 🙂

  11. Awesome video…. love these two ladies…. i have started doing these exercises and they are really working for me 🙂

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